The Art of Hair Transplant - Procedure

In today’s era, there is a commercially biased mad race where everyone is blindly running behind the mind game of number of grafts, level of hairline and density of transplanted hair.

While all this is also important, but we need to remember that a natural-looking hairline does not depend merely on the number of grafts but more importantly on the strategic placement of grafts and the use of singular follicular units to give your hairline a softer and natural look.

Another crucial point is the level at which the hairline is designed. Though a lower placement of the hairline might be aesthetically tempting in the short run but in hind sight it sets a non-sustainable and unrealistic expectation for you. Instead of this, a decently placed hairline (but not too low) along with some enhancement of the temples can give you a much younger look.

The planning of your hair transplant should be based on your degree of baldness, progression of the disease, donor reservoir and your previous treatment history. All of these factors should then be matched with your expectations, and then only, your treatment plan can be designed. As Dr. Shaiil famously says, “Less grafts, more coverage”

The other motive behind this philosophy is the goal of preserving your donor area so as it could be re-utilized in future, if need be.