Follicular Unit Transplantation

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a highly effective and premium surgical method for hair restoration and treating advanced grade of baldness. The best part of FUT is that it allows up to 5000 follicular units just in a single session. Satya is the best hair transplant clinic for FUT and other hair treatments.

There is a misconception about FUT that it is an outdated surgery. Instead it is relatively challenging surgery for the operating surgeon but more beneficial to the patients. Hence there is a generalised reluctance on part of many surgeons to do it.

In this technique we remove a strip of skin and stitch it back by trichophytic closure, in which hair grows through the scar line. Individual hair follicular units are then separated under high magnification microscopes. For stitching the donor site, we use a technique known as Trichophytic closure in which the scar is minimum and hairs grow through the scar. Further visibility of scar can be reduced by transplanting some hair grafts on the scar.

This ensures maximum graft harvest and careful microscopic dissection increases graft survival. Up to 4000 grafts can be done in a single day. This is particularly important in people with thin, sparse hairs, poor donor area and advanced grade of baldness.
FUT is done under Zero pain anaesthesia technique and requires a very skilful surgeon highly experienced in cutting and suturing. Healing is very fast. The patient can shampoo his head after 4th day of the surgery and he can go back to his workplace on the very next day of the surgery- as we do not shave off the scalp
FUT can also be combined with beard and body hair transplant to get more no of grafts in a single session. Once a FUT is done in a patient, then in future (if required) another FUT or FUE can also be planned in the same patient.

Doubts & Myths about FUT

  • MYTH: It is an outdated technique & nobody does it now, hence we are not doing it.
  • FACT: It is a highly sophisticated surgery which needs years of experience, a traind technical team of at least eight people, lot of surgical instrumentation huge investment, like FUE which does not need all this and works well on franchise model.

  • MYTH: FUT leads to a big scar at the back of head.
  • FACT: The scar at the back of head due to FUT surgery is very minimal because of a special technique called TRICHOPHYTIC closure. It is however important to note that not all FUT are same & the role of experienced and skilful hair surgeon is so important for the final outcome of the procedure. You can easily keep very short hair after FUT. Just in case the scar is visible or you want to completely shave off the head, the option of putting some grafts in the FUT scar by FUE method is always there. Scalp micropigmentation can also hide the scar completely.


  • MYTH: FUT will cause tightening of the scalp or difficulty or pain in movement of head.
  • FACT: The movements are not affected & the elasticity at the back of the head is so good that it even allows three FUT surgeries in a patient. There is no such pain during or after the procedure.
  • MYTH: FUE will give you more grafts than FUT & FUT grafts will fall after some time.
  • FACT: FUT gives you more number of grafts than FUE, without any doubt. Therefore combining the two procedures can really help the patient to get maximum out of his donor area. Moreover the grafts of FUT surgery, are taken from the permanent donor zone, these hair stay longer than the grafts of FUE surgery.

MHT (Maximum Harvesting Technique)

Our own signature innovative technique of MHT ensures that you get maximum combined benefits of FUE and FUT transplant techniques while minimizing their individual side effects. It has following advantages over traditional FUT or FUE done alone:

  • Natural Results: This is possible due to combination of art and science at Satya Hair Clinic. A precisely created hairline and strategically placed grafts (maintaining the angles and direction of transplanted hair) gives you a natural looking hairline and assurance of no loss in the future.
  • Fast Recovery and short downtime: You can easily resume your office from the very next day of surgery, thus reducing the social downtime without letting anyone know about your surgery. The donor area of transplant can be shaved in layers so as to hide it beneath the natural hairs.
  • Minimum to no visible scar at donor area: Trichophytic closure technique for harvesting FUT strip ensures minimal to no scarring.
  • Preservation of donor area: By combining these two techniques, we minimize the scarring at donor area and thereby preserve your donor reserve for future.

This gives you best of both the words where we get numbers through FUT without compromising the donor density and we get the grafts of choice through FUE. This is specially important in people who have high grades of boldness.

MHT technique needs a lot of skill, expertise, patience, experience and artistic imagination.

Advantages of MHT Technique :-

  1. You get the actual number of grafts, which are not possible by doing FUE alone. These grafts when placed on the scalp give you definite results.
  2. You don’t have to be dependent on the hair growth dependent on finasteride because you get the actual numbers.
  3. The donor area is still very much usable and can cater to your future needs.

It’s like a rare pearl in the deepest of oceans for which you have to dive deep, really deep. This technique is not done everywhere and not many people are going to tell you truthfully about this. 

You will find thousands of people, clinics and doctors telling you different names of a few E technique which might just add on to your confusions but actually giving you nothing. If you really want something which can prove to be a solution rather than a problem you will have to do your research. Understanding these concepts will help you to plan your journey as Dr. Shaiil Gupta always says hair restoration is a journey not a destination”.