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Repair hair transplant

Repair hair transplant

Repair hair transplant

Repair hair transplant or correction of a bad hair transplant result, has become the need of the hour. Know why Satya clinic, under the guidance of Dr. Shail Gupta is known as number one Repair Hair Transplant Clinic in the world. 

Hair transplant has become a very common procedure done world-wide, to restore the aesthetic look and confidence of a person losing hair. No doubt hair transplantation has done this for so many people across the globe. There have been a lot of advancement & personal skill improvisations since then. 

With the popularity of hair transplantation, there has been a steep rise in the number of cases which are unhappy with their results. 

What do we mean by a bad hair transplant?

 hair transplant can be considered as a hair transplant failure, when:-

  1. Hair transplant fails to give you density.
  2. When the hairline is unnatural & ugly.
  3. When the hairline is detectable.
  4. The donor area is damaged.
  5. There can be thinning or fall of the non transplanted as well as transplanted hair.

Why does a hair transplant fail?

There can be many reasons for a hair transplant failure.

  1. Improper technique or lack of experience is the commonest reason for hair transplant failure worldwide. 
  1. Wrong selection of method. As we know there are two methods FUT & FUE, but most of the clinics worldwide are mostly doing only one type of surgery. It is always better to choose a clinic which has a competent and confident surgeon with years of experience in both the surgeries. 
  1. Inappropriate selection of medicines and poor follow up, as we know it is mandatory in most of the cases to use medicines & not only use them but also use them thoughtfully. 
  1. Lack of artistic imagination. This is perhaps the most important part of a hair transplant surgery. This aspect has to be combined with the science of hair restoration in order to achieve the desired results. 

What makes a repair hair transplant challenging?

Any hair transplant is challenging as it is a new
case, with new issues & new opportunities. But repairing hair transplants
is tough and a testimony to the real skills, art, experience & belief of a
hair transplant surgeon. Challenges of a repair hair transplant include:-

1. The entire focus is on the
surgeon, who has to be well equipped with all the arms & ammunition. The
surgeon should have experience, skill, confidence & believe to deliver what
is needed in his patient. Having a surgeon who knows FUT, FUE, Body hair
transplant, Synthetic hair implant, SMP, Extraction & reshaping of the ugly
hairline, combination techniques & above all the intent to help his patient
is all that you need. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? You just have to get to the
right man & leave everything to him, that’s it.

2. There is a lot of scarring in
the donor area as well as the recipient area, which can make
life difficult for the surgeon. 

3. The angles in the donor area
change completely due to scarring, which makes extraction difficult and
sometimes inaccurate.

4. The donor area is usually
depleted which makes it even more challenging. 

5. One has to know all the
techniques and combine the procedures to give optimal results.

6. It is difficult to reshape the
hairline with the existing wrong hairline. the angles at which grafts have been
planted are usually straight & wrong. At times we have to extract them
& reuse & then refill.

7. The patient has lost his
donor, money & faith, trust which he had in the doctor & hair
transplant procedure which needs to be restored.

What makes Satya no. 1 repair hair transplant clinic in the world?

1.    Satya is the only clinic which provides all the treatment facilities with an extraordinary skill set, under one roof.


2.    Satya is world’s no. 1 repair hair transplant clinic. We can make the maximum utilization of your donor, which is obviously compromised in case the patient had already undergone a hair transplant surgery earlier. We have repaired cases which a lot of surgeons won’t even attempt to do across the globe. Anybody who has had a bad experience of hair transplant, will do his/her research thoroughly & extensively. This search will lead him/her to no other place but Satya. 


3.    Besides being an experienced & skilful surgeon, Dr. Shail Gupta is also a subconscious healer. This comes very handy to motivate the victims of bad hair transplant. 


4.    You can’t afford another mistake, so it is important to educate yourself. Satya clinic is known to speak the truth & bring the hidden but important aspects of hair restoration surgery in public domain. 


5.    We have done thousands of repair cases, which come to us across the globe. No other clinic has that many repair transplants to its credit It is better to prepare beforehand rather than getting to learn from your bad experience, because unlike life, the donor doesn’t give you the same chance again.

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