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repair hair transplant

Repair done with natural hair transplant

This is an interesting repair hair transplant case where patient had undergone one FUT surgery earlier before coming to us plus some grafts by FUE were also done. The numbers which were being told to him in his first surgery at some other clinic were crazy like 4000+. As we can see the results were really poor and there was no almost no growth and the temples were also not done. You can see in the pre-or pictures of big scar in the donor area of FUT. And there were some scarring of FUE also. In the beginning of the journey only we have to plan the strategy. There are two ways of growing hair when is through medicine and the other is via hair transplantation.

If there is history of rapid training or hair loss we can think of giving medicines including finasteride at low doses. But if there is no rapid history we would try to avoid the medicine as long as possible. In such cases topical minoxidil can be started that too not twice a day but at lesser frequency. That is what we exactly did in this patient. But now the entire onus is on surgeon and knowing very well that adding finasteride and specially at 1MG per day doses will give an immense boost to the result in every manner but still rather than looking for immediate instant gratification and flashing results to grab attention of people we would not like to cut short the journey of patient and making him dependent on something which may be self destructive. Now when we were not getting any free hair through finasteride we have to get the actual numbers.

The best strategy in such cases is to combine FUT and FUE surgery. That’s what we exactly date. Since 1 FUT surgery was already done we included the score of first surgery in the second and threw track of it closer he ended up having a thin fine line. We did some extraction by FUE also from the scalp and the beard. Extraction of FUE definitely reduces donor density while even the second FUT surgery does not do any harm to the density at back of the head. In the first surgery which we did we created the temples, hairline, middle portion and some portion of crown. Some here were also planted in the patchy beard.

The result of his repair hair transplant at Satya what is really amazing and encouraging. We can see a good hair growth and a very natural looking hairline and beautiful temples with a good coverage throughout the scalp. The patient in this result is just applying minoxidil three times a week and having some multivitamins no finasteride has been given. This result might look to you like any other result which you are watching on any other channel or website from any other clinic. But this is not just another Hair Transplant result it is a long story of art, honesty, Hardwork, experience, skill, training and above all intent. We did another surgery including the score of first two surgeries in two3 FUT and taking out some grafts from the Gulf Bai FUTalso.

What you are saying is just five months result of second surgery and obviously the result of second surgery is yet to come. It already looks amazing, very natural and the best part is it is not just a finasteride boosted result. So it is high time when you understand the difference between a real hair transplant result and a very ordinary finasteride boosted result, which is made to look good with the help of Medicine. People are so much scared of FUT surgery, but in case you need to cover high-grade Baldness or progressive furnace you have to bring finasteride FUT into picture just imagine three FUT combined from the scalp has given us great numbers bracket mind you the first FUT surgery actually got wasted because not many help came out of that what would have happened had we done only a FUE surgery.

So Hair Transplant is a journey not one-time destination. Even if you get it right once apparently you might have dropped down the opportunity to kitten hair for a longer period of time with minimal intervention with medicines and still retaining your donor hair coverage and density. So be wise think twice. Satya Clinic is the only premium clinic in the world which has capability, confidence, skills, art and intent to deal with such cases with integrity and ethics.

repair hair transplant

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