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srijini hair transplant - Satya hair transplant

Female pattern baldness done with synthetic hair Transplant

Hair baldness is a common concern for both men and women, impacting self-esteem and overall well-being. Various hair restoration techniques are available, including hair transplantation and synthetic hair implantation. In this case study, we focus on the utilization of Biofiber, a synthetic hair implantation method, to treat female hair baldness.

The surgical procedure was performed in a sterile environment under local anesthesia. The following steps were undertaken:

a. Pre-operative planning: The patient's areas of hair loss were marked, and the desired density of 2100 Biofiber strands was determined to achieve a natural-looking result.

b. Donor area preparation: A small area on the back of the patient's scalp was shaved, and donor Biofiber strands were extracted.

c. Biofiber implantation: Biofiber strands were individually implanted into the patient's scalp in the bald areas using a specialized device. The Biofiber strands were selected to match the patient's natural hair color and texture.

d. Post-operative care: The patient received detailed post-operative instructions, including guidelines for hygiene, avoiding strenuous activities, and the use of prescribed medications.

The patient was closely monitored over a 12-month period to assess the success of the synthetic hair implantation. The results were as follows:

a. Immediate post-operative period: The patient experienced mild swelling and discomfort in the treated areas, which gradually subsided within a week. No signs of infection or adverse reactions were observed.

b. Short-term results : The implanted Biofiber strands blended seamlessly with the surrounding natural hair, resulting in a significant improvement in the patient's appearance and self-esteem.

c. Long-term results : The Biofiber strands continued to maintain their appearance and remained securely implanted in the bald areas. The patient reported a high level of satisfaction with the procedure, as her hair looked natural and full.

srijini hair transplant - Satya hair transplant

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