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Hair restoration is a journey, Plan it right, to get it right

Satya’s Balanced Hair Transplant is the most optimised & rational approach to maximise results with minimum donor & medicine use.

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Balanced Hair Transplant

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Unbelievable Transformation in Grade 7 baldness!

Meet Abhi, a patient grappling with Grade 5 Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA), which had
affected not just one area but multiple areas of his scalp, including the front, temples, middle part, and

Our initial plan was to perform 4500 Modified Hair Transplantation (MHT), which combines the
strengths of both Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Specifically,
we aimed to extract 1500 grafts through FUE and 3000 via FUT.

However, as is often the case with FUT, we managed to extract a remarkable 3350 grafts through this
method, and every one of them was carefully implanted. This allowed us to cover both the frontal and
crown areas in a single session, an achievement made possible by our unique combination technique.
Its worth noting that achieving these graft numbers through FUE alone would have been extremely
challenging, and most instances of 5000-6000 FUE grafts on the internet are often supplemented with
daily finasteride use. This is because extracting such a high number of FUE grafts from the scalp safe
donor zone is not feasible without the support of finasteride.

One key difference between FUT and FUE lies in the ability to select follicular units with more hair. FUE
provides the option to cherry-pick units, resulting in more hair per graft compared to FUT.
Consequently, 2000 FUE grafts may contain close to 5000+ hairs, whereas the same number of FUT
grafts might yield just 3000 hairs. Thus, comparing FUT and FUE results based solely on graft numbers is
not accurate. Additionally, FUT leaves the patient with more multi-grafts in their donor bank for future

Abhinav's remarkable results were achieved without the use of finasteride. Instead, he was prescribed
the Hair-art kit (a nutritional supplement) and Minoxidil 5% three times a week. Incorporating

finasteride into the treatment plan could have further improved hair thickness in the recipient zone and
enhanced the aesthetic appearance of the hairline by promoting softer hair growth. However, we
respect the patient's autonomy in choosing whether to take this medication, as it can be added later if
significant AGA progression occurs.

It's crucial to understand that finasteride plays a pivotal role in the hair transplant process, addressing
five key aspects:

Area Coverage: Finasteride thickens miniaturized hair, even in areas where no hair was transplanted.
Density: It enhances the density of miniaturized hair in the transplanted zone.
Hairline Aesthetics: Finasteride contributes to a more aesthetically pleasing hairline by increasing the
thickness of miniaturized hair.
Donor Hair Thickness: The medicine significantly improves donor hair thickness, especially in thin donor
Transplanted Hair Thickness: Even transplanted hair becomes thicker with high-dosage finasteride.
However, it's important to recognize that patients who provide testimonials may not be aware that
these results are not necessarily long-lasting. Premature use of donor resources and finasteride can
adversely impact long-term prospects.

Finasteride may also lead to issues of dependence, tolerance, and potential side effects such as erectile
dysfunction, loss of libido, or gynecomastia. Therefore, prescribing finasteride from day one may not
always be in the best interest of the patient. Clinics, however, do benefit from its prescription.

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First step towards your hair restoration journey

Our step-by-step hair transplant journey will transform your appearance & boost your confidence with natural looking & long-lasting results.




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