Understanding Hair Transplant Results: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Hair Transplant Results: A Comprehensive Guide

Hair transplant can be a life-transforming decision, and it’s crucial to delve deeper into understanding the nuances of the procedure. We congratulate you for taking the time to explore and gain insights into this significant step towards regaining confidence and aesthetics.

Just to make you are understanding easier:-

  • We are sharing some cases of similar grades of baldness.
  • They will have almost similar looking results, but the number of grafts & the area covered would be contrastingly different.
  • You will see how the number of grafts changes with the involvement of medicine & its dose.  
  • These facts are logical, honest & involve more than two decades of experience.  

The intent is to help you to get a realistic & lasting solution with minimal health risks. 

However, this information is classified and only some have got access to it. So if you are reading this, consider yourself fortunate.

Patient Case Studies:

Below are several case studies illustrating the impact of different factors on hair transplant results:

Case 1: Ajay

    • Patient Profile: Grade 3 frontal thinning, age 28.
    • Hair Loss: Stable or very slow (No medication initiated).
    • Treatment: 2300 grafts by DSFT method, without medication or PRP sessions.
    • Goal: Merging with existing hair, good density in the lowered hairline, softer hairline for natural looks.
    • Result: 100% transplant result achieved solely due to surgical skill.
Ajay 2021

Case 2: Mirza

    • Patient Profile: Grade 3 frontal thinning, age 26.
    • Hair Loss: Progressive (Started minimal dose of medicine: 0.5mg/3 times a week).
    • Treatment: 2500 grafts by DSFT method, without PRP sessions.
    • Result: 90% surgical skill + 10% contribution from medication.

Case 3: Farman

  • Patient Profile: Grade 5 with involvement of middle & crown portion. 
  • Hair loss: Progressive in recent 1 year (so 1mg finasteride 3 days/week added).
  • Treatment: 3000 grafts by MHT technique. 
  • Transplanted area: Just in the front, no transplant done in the middle or crown, still it got covered with medicine. 
  • Result: We would call this 75% transplant & 25% medicine effect. 
Farmaan ali Grade 5

Case 4: Yogesh

  • Patient Profile: Diffuse Pattern Alopecia 
  • Hair loss: Progressive in recent 1 year (so 0.5mg finasteride alternate days added).
  • Treatment: 1800 grafts by FUT technique. 
  • Transplanted area:  front to crawn 
Yogesh 2

Case 5: Dheeraj                                                      

  • 1st picture: pre transplant
  • 2nd picture: 12 months result of so called 4000 grafts + maximum dose medicine (being sold as skill of hair transplant) 
  • 3rd picture: Same patient, 3 months after stopping the medicine (showing ugly hairline, gaps, poor density & coverage), which was the reality of that hair transplant.
  • 4th picture: Same patient after the repair surgery at Satya, where actual skill & numbers were executed. 
Dheeraj 1

Case 6 : Nikhi Jaggi                                                      

  • Patient Profile: Diffuse Pattern Alopecia 
  • Hair loss: Progressive in recent 1 year (so 0.5mg finasteride alternate days added).
  • Treatment: 1800 grafts by FUT technique. 
  • Transplanted area:  front to crawn 
nikhil grade 6

Case 6 : Amit                                                

  • Patient Profile: Diffuse Pattern Alopecia 
  • Hair loss: Progressive in recent 1 year (so 0.5mg finasteride alternate days added).
  • Treatment: 1800 grafts by FUT technique. 
  • Transplanted area:  front to crawn 

Remember the contribution which is coming through medicine has filled the middle and the crown portion where no transplant was done. And it is also contributing to the frontal portion to the transplant result by increasing the thickness:

  1. By increasing the thickness of pre-existing miniaturise hair.
  2. By increasing the thickness of transplanted hair. 

The effect which you get from the medicine is directly proportional to the dosage of medicine higher that was more would be the effect. 

Important Points to Learn

  1. It is very important to discuss & plan the number of grafts according to the dosage of medicine which will eventually decide the longevity of your results. 
  2. We believe you should only pay for the skill, not for the medical result. 
  3. So if you are consulting a doctor or a clinic for a hair transplant. If this very very important to discuss about micro-dosing of medication & the impact of medicine doses on the number of grafts. 
  4. Higher the dose of medicine, lesser number of grafts will be needed & vice versa. 
  5. If it is not discussed in your consultation upfront, then you are missing out on something very important and probably the clinic which you are consulting is not that trustworthy.
  6. You must ask yourself,  how much faith you can put in those results, when you cannot differentiate between actual hair transplant results & the medicine results. 

Uniqueness of Satya’s Results

We can deliver results with minimal doses of medicine & less number of grafts, because of the unique techniques we use which include DSFT and MHT.

1. Advantages of DSFT (Direct Stimulated Follicular Transplant) ™ 

  • Upto 97% graft survival rate. 
  • Minimised time out of body.
  • Most natural-looking results.
  • Enhanced patient comfort.

2. Advantages of MHT (Maximum Harvest Technique) TM

  • Useful for higher grades & progressive baldness.
  • Gives better results in thin donor patients.
  • Doesn’t exhaust the donor area & saves it for future.
  • Gives us more numbers of grafts.

3. Advantages of Min-Med Hair Transplant TM

  • Reduced Medication Dependence: We start with no or minimal medication to minimise dependency and potential side effects.Useful for higher grades & progressive baldness.
  • Long-lasting Results with minimal health risks.
  • Effective Tolerance Management: We adjust medication dosage safely to manage tolerance, ensuring patient safety and optimal outcomes.

4. Advantages of Balanced Hair Transplant™

  • Preservation of Donor Area.
  • Minimal medicine dependence: makes sure that your health is not put at stake & the results are also not absolutely dependent on medications. 
  • Results that last: Our results stand the test of time. 
  • We respect your resources – donor, medicine, PRP, time, and money – ensuring long-lasting outcomes.

We make sure that your health is secured and the results last long with minimum donor investment. This needs years of practice, skill, sacrifice and patience. 

 Next time when you compare results, keep this thing in mind & Plan your journey, as a hair transplant is one of the most important decisions of your life.



You will be surprised to see similar results in similar grades of badness but with different graft numbers. Sometimes you will see 3 to 4000 grafts placed in a very small area in grades 2 to 3 or sometimes you will see the same number of grafts covering the entire head. 

 We can tell you all this with our vast experience of more than 20 years with more than 15,000 surgeries and more than 1500 repair hair transplant surgeries. So be careful be smart do thorough research before you decide and remember information that takes time away from you is not the right information, anything which makes you think, is perhaps the right one. 

Our chief surgeons Dr Shail Gupta, MD and Dr Ruchi Agarwal. MD have been pioneer in the field of hair restoration. With all these unique innovations like Balance Hair Transplant TM, have been guiding patients and doctors across the globe for more than two decades.

You must be making the decision of your hair transplant and choosing the surgeon or a specific clinical method based on results but are you judging the skill of the surgeon through those results. These results may not be actual & might be just an eye wash being done by the medicine.

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