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Welcome to Satya Hair Solutions, the leading hair transplant clinic which is located in the heart of Delhi/Gurugram. The most renowned location is near the airport, where we present world-class services. Our specialization extends to a range of hair transplant techniques, including FUT, FUE, hair implant, Repair hair transplant, body hair transplant, and scalp micropigmentation.

At Satya Hair Solutions, we have gained the trust of individuals who are seeking corrective and repair hair transplants from all around the globe . Our clinic is the most preferred choice over destinations like Turkey, the US, UK, Australia, and Dubai, many thanks to our commitment to delivering the most reliable and truthful results.

State of Art Facilities

medical tourism at satya hair solutions

We are proud to present the following Medical Tourism facilities to make your experience extraordinary:

1. World-class facility:

We are providing facilities that are one of the most advanced & well appointed with cutting edge latest machines & equipment to certify unmatched levels of safety & hygiene. In such a favorable ambience & spiritual vibes, you can expect affirmative results & a peaceful journey.

2. Balanced Hair Transplant:-

Balance hair transplant or BHT is the most personalized , well-developed plan with a strategy where your resources including medicine, donor and PRP or platelet-rich plasma are used in such a way that we commit long-term sustenance of results with minimal side-effect risks.

balanced hair transplant

3. Travel Authorization :

International patients often require visas for medical tourism. We have an assigned team to rationalize the visa application process, safeguarding all requirements up to the mark. This support cuts off  the stress associated with visa Attainment, making it possible for you to focus on your health and hair treatment.

4. Transportation Facilities from Airport:

We understand that traveling to a new place, especially for medical tourism, can be enormous. To ease this alteration, we provide pick-up and drop-off facility from the airport. This service assures you a smooth and hassle-free journey to our clinic and back to the airport when your treatment is complete.

5. Convenient Location:

Our clinic is Approximately located just a short 10-minute drive from Gurugram International Airport, in one of the city’s most leading commercial and IT hubs. This proximity ensures our patients worldwide have full and easy access to our facility, saving time and effort on commuting.

Our Gurugram Facility: One of the largest in Asia Medical Tourism

medical tourism at satya hair solutions

6. Residential facilities:

For your support and convenience, we provide on-premises lodging options within our facility. These accommodations create a pleasant, untroubled and home-like environment, allowing you to focus on your recovery without the need for external lodging arrangements.

7. Scenic retreat Nearby:

In addition to our on-premises lodging , we provide access to a nearby resort. This option allows our patients to choose a composed setting for their recovery, providing a peaceful environment to rest and revitalize after medical treatment.

World renowned Galleria Market

medical tourism at satya hair solutions

8. Heritage Voyage:

India is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and quintessential landmarks. We assist our patients in arranging heritage tours, including visits to famous destinations like the Taj Mahal in Agra. This offers an opportunity for patients to explore India’s history and culture while undergoing medical treatment.


9. Multilingual Support:

Effective communication is vital in healthcare. To ensure that you feel heard and understood, our team is well accomplished in multiple languages. This support system ensures that language barriers do not obstruct your ability to express your needs and concerns, facilitating a smoother healthcare experience.

5 Star Resorts Facilities

medical tourism

Choose Satya Hair Solutions for a world-class hair transplant experience with peerless support and facilities. 

At Satya Hair Solutions, we provide ourselves on being the unsurpassed destination for quality hair transplants, representing the pinnacle of excellence in the field. Our approach towards hair transplants is to provide a balance of utilizing precious resources which includes donor hair, medication, and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), to provide more sustainable and lasting results while minimizing health risk

 We completely understand that choosing to undergo a hair transplant is a consequential decision in your life. Our commitment is unyielding. We don’t want you to come to Satya merely because it might be more cost-effective when compared to clinics in your respective country.

We request you to choose Satya because we have the capability, skills and right intent  to deliver results that not only outshine your expectations but are also more dependable than what you might find elsewhere.

Quality is our supreme priority, and we firmly believe that compromising on the quality of your hair transplant due to cost considerations is a decision that should not be made. 

Whether our services might sound costlier than those provided in any part of the world is completely secondary to us. What truly matters is that you make the choice to trust the clinic or surgeon who is well suited for the job, assuring that your hair transplant journey is safe, effective, and satisfactory.

We recognize that your hair is a fundamental part of your identity, and we are dedicated to maintaining that without compromising your donor and enhancing it in the best possible way . Our mission is to provide you with the highest standard of care, outstanding results, and a level of trust that is second to none. 

 When you choose Satya Hair Solutions, you’re choosing a path to self confidence, and lasting satisfaction in your hair transplant experience. Trust in Satya, where excellence meets righteousness , for your journey to a renewed and confident you.

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Results that inspire and Transform

Mr. Adam preferred satya over Turkey, UK and US

2600 grafts no minoxidil and finasteride 5 month Results

Mr. Adam, a 42-year-old from Sweden, sought a conservative hair transplant solution. He had extensively researched and visited multiple clinics worldwide, where doctors often relied on finasteride for their hair transplant results. Recognizing that these outcomes depended heavily on finasteride, Adam was concerned about introducing it into his routine due to potential side effects and the risk of tolerance.

In his quest for a more natural approach, he discovered Dr. Shail Gupta at Satya Hair Solutions, a clinic known for delivering results with minimal or no finasteride usage. Adam chose to have a conservative hairline without minoxidil or finasteride, which worked well for him, and he provided a positive testimonial from Scandinavia.

While some may find the hairline high, it was a conscious decision to maintain flexibility as hair loss can be progressive. Satya Hair Solutions doesn’t aim for quick glory but strives for natural-looking results without overreliance on finasteride. The clinic offers both FUT and FUE techniques, ensuring genuine graft numbers, not inflated ones justified with finasteride.

Satya’s results are known for their density and aesthetics without the need for medicines. Adding finasteride to Satya’s approach can lead to remarkable and extraordinary results, surpassing many others in the field.

First step towards your hair restoration journey

Our step-by-step hair transplant journey will transform your appearance & boost your confidence with natural looking & long-lasting results.


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