Satya/ Truth of Hair Transplant
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Satya/ Truth of Hair Transplant

The Truth Behind Your Hair Restoration Journey

  • The Truth Behind Your Hair Restoration Journey

Dear Friend,

In your quest for hair restoration, you’ve likely encountered countless promises of miraculous transformations and stunning results. Everyone claims to be the best, but how do you discern truth from illusion?

This information is secret & classified & we are sure it will just change the way you compare the results of hair transplant. 

  • Your Journey, Our Commitment

At Satya Hair Solutions, we understand the weight of your journey—the hopes, the uncertainties, and the longing for a solution that feels both genuine and transformative. It’s more than just hair; it’s a journey toward reclaiming your confidence, your identity, and your sense of self-assurance.

  • What do you actually invest in Hair Transplant?

Is this just money or something which you don’t even consider as an investment. Donor hair and health are invaluable assets, far more precious than monetary considerations.

The result which you are getting with more number of grafts & higher doses of medicines will exhaust your resources & put your health at risk at the same time affecting the long term sustenance of results because of poor resource management. 

  • A Closer Look at Results

Consider two scenarios: one where a clinic consumes a large number of grafts and high doses of medication, and another where fewer grafts and minimal medication doses are employed. While the former may yield initially impressive results, a critical examination reveals the significant contribution of medication to the outcome.

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As you can see in this case grafts were done only in the frontal portion & the middle portion & the crown improved with the small doses of medicine only. While other clinics were suggesting him almost 5000 grafts & full doses of medicine. 

Note: The benefits from the medicine are directly proportional to the dose of medicine & with almost 4 times the dose, there will be 4 times extra hair growth, which will be counted & mistaken as skill of hair transplant surgeon.   

  • The most imbalanced approach

Lets see another end of the spectrum, the most imbalanced approach: where patient is forced to invest both the number of grafts & the medicines at a very high dose. 

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  Other Clinic Patient’s Investment: 5000 grafts + 7mg/ week medicine

MOST IMBALANCED APPROACH: Patient’s loses precious donor & too much dependence on medicine

You can see in this patient even for a smaller grade of baldness, double the number of grafts were claimed to be done (it might not have been done though) & he was prescribed to have 7mg/week medicine

Why Satya is able to deliver such results even with minimal donor & medicine investment  & what is the actual difference:-

  1. Method: We combine FUT & FUE with body hair transplant in patients with high grades of baldness or progressive baldness. Thus having access to actual numbers, rather than giving fancy names to FUE technique & faking results with high doses of medicines.
  2. Graft survival: The graft survival at Satya is one of the best in the business, that is the reason why even with lesser number of grafts we can deliver better results. 
  3. Graft placement artistry: When placed artistically & with intricate planning, an artistic illusion can be created in such a way that the area looks more covered with less grafts.
  4. Transparency: Acknowledging the effects of medicine, setting realistic goals, immaculate planning, resource management & craftsmanship in execution, helps us to deliver consistent results.
  5. We won’t fool you with the celebrity endorsements & fake awards & marketing gimmicks. 



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 1st picture: pre transplant

2nd picture: 12 months result of so called 4000 grafts + maximum dose medicine (being sold as skill of hair transplant) 

3rd picture: Same patient, 3 months after stopping the medicine (showing ugly hairline, gaps, poor density & coverage), which was the reality of that hair transplant.

So medicine was actually used as “FREE KA BAAL & FREE KA CREDIT” that is “free hair & free credit”

4th picture: Same patient after the repair surgery at Satya, where actual skill & numbers were executed. 

A lot of such cases come to Satya for repair surgeries, and none of them had been given the clarity about the role of medicine & actual hair transplant. 


The Satya Difference: Skill and Precision

Our approach at Satya focuses on harnessing the skill of our surgeons, employing the right techniques, and strategically placing grafts for optimal results. We acknowledge the role of medication but use it judiciously and only when necessary, keeping doses at a minimum to minimize health risks and preserve donor resources.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s essential to recognize that more grafts and higher medication doses do not always equate to superior outcomes. In fact, the true measure of skill lies in achieving exceptional results with minimal resource consumption.

Curate Your Treatment Plan with Confidence

At Satya Aesthetics & Hair Solutions, we empower our patients to make informed decisions based on truthful information and expert guidance. Your journey to authentic hair restoration begins here, where skill, honesty, and integrity converge to deliver results that stand the test of time.

Discover the Hidden Secret of Hair Transplant

In a world where misinformation often clouds judgment, finding the right solution for your hair restoration needs, requires deep investigation. If you’re reading this, consider yourself fortunate—you’re among the select few who have access to this hidden secret of hair transplant.

Satya: Your Trusted Partner Every Step of the Way

With Satya by your side, achieving your hair restoration goals becomes more than just a possibility—it becomes a reality infused with hope, guidance, and compassion. Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of your journey, ensuring that every decision made is in your best interest.

Choose Satya for Genuine Hair Restoration

Experience the difference that skill and precision can make in your hair transplant journey. Trust Satya Aesthetics & Hair Solutions for results that speak volumes—naturally, authentically, and with lasting impact.

20+ Years of Joyful Transformations 265 K+ Happy patients 15K + Hair Transplants

2K+ Corrective Hair Transplants Combination Techniques

Number of grafts will vary according to the medicine’s dosage, higher the dose of medicine, lesser would be the need of grafts & vice versa.

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