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The Importance of Consultation and Planning in Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a very common concern for many individuals nower days , and seeking help from professional is often considered as the first step towards finding a solution. Mostly , not all clinics and doctors approach hair restoration in the same way.

 At Satya Hair Solutions, founded by Dr. Shaiil Gupta and Dr. Ruchi Agarwal, the emphasis is on the importance of consultation and planning which provides personalized and effective treatment options according to patient need.

Consultation plays a determining role in understanding each patient’s needs and about designing a tailored treatment plan. The team at Satya Hair Solutions recognizes that every individual is different, and a one-size-fits-all approach is inadequate. By offering consultations with experienced doctors like Dr. Shaiil Gupta and Dr. Ruchi Agarwal, patients have the opportunity to benefit from their extensive medical expertise and ethical practices.

The cost is not for 2 minutes. It is for 25 years of medical experience & ethical practice sharing the honest opinion. 

It is worth noting that the cost of consultation vary for different doctors involed & slots are given according to the availability of the doctors. , reflecting their level of experience and specialization. Additionally, we keep on ensuring that patients receive the attention and time they deserve in consultation so they can be evaluated properly

For those seeking a more collaborative experience, Satya Hair Solutions offers group online consultations with Dr. Shaiil Gupta. While these slots may be limited, can only be provided on prior notice and for any individual who is taking consultation for the first time ,  they provide an opportunity for individuals to interact with the renowned doctor and gain valuable insights into their hair restoration journey.

In addition to doctors, Satya Hair Solutions has a team of counselors and other hair experts who are available to provide guidance and support to patientsin hair restoration journey 

 These professionals offer their services free of charge, further highlighting the clinic’s commitment to patient care and satisfaction.

One common issue often encountered when seeking hair restoration treatment is the tendency for clinics to provide standardized treatment plans without considering individual factors such as age, donor capacity, and hair condition.

Usually when you inquire from any clinic, they tell you 3 things which are common with little twist.

1. You need 4000 grafts (anyone with grade 4 onwards, number may vary, but this will be told without even considering the donor whether that many grafts can even be taken out.)

2. We will do FUE (though they might sell you it with different fancy names, telling you that this is some kind of invention which they did.)

3. 1mg Finasteride per day (though they may tell you that you need it for 6 months or any year or may even be life long as if it is some kind of joke.)   

Satya Hair Solutions differentiates itself by taking a comprehensive approach to evaluation. Satya is not like any other clinic where everything is prefixed & the same treatment plan is given to every patient

They understand that each patient requires a thorough assessment by a team of doctors who genuinely care, possess significant experience, demonstrate skillfulness, and maintain a commitment to honesty.

At Satya Hair Solutions, the aim is not to force anyone into treatment but to offer a personalized and patient-centric experience. The clinic understands the value of providing honest opinions based on 25 years of medical experience and ethical practice, as well as the significance of tailoring treatment plans to each patient’s specific needs.

In conclusion, consultation and planning are of utmost importance in the field of hair restoration. Satya Hair Solutions distinguishes itself by prioritizing individualized care, ensuring that patients are evaluated by a team of experienced and dedicated doctors. By offering personalized treatment options, honest opinions, and a commitment to patient satisfaction, Satya Hair Solutions welcomes those who recognize the value of a comprehensive and patient-centric approach to their hair restoration journey.

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Balanced approach in hairline hair transplant

Dr. Shaiil Gupta's Own Hair Transplant Journey

 Hair transplant surgeons do a lot of hair transplant surgeries, but only a few a transplant surgeons get hair transplant themselves.

Dr. Shail Gupta is amongst one of those who truly believe in the power of hair transplant and has done it for himself.The procedure was performed by his wonderful team which has been trained under him and working with Satya for more than 15 years.

He had frontal recession with both side Temple recession as well. 1300 grafts were done by FUE method. He did his hair transplant at the age of 44 and it’s been 3 1/2 years since then.He hasn’t taken finasteride or minoxidil and the entire result which is seen is because of the scale of his surgery team.

In case these medicines are added, this will give additional thickness density, coverage & will grow a lot of softer hair in the hairline zone giving more value to the hairline aesthetics. But it is looking so good and natural even without medicine.So anyone who has stable hair loss shall not be put on medication, no doubt medicines will give additional advantage but this will be coming at the risk of side-effects.

So don’t just start the medicines because you are Clinic is pushing it to you (maybe just to make their ordinary work look great). Moreover, he did not take crazy numbers of Prp sessions, just to PRP sessions have been done in last 3 1/2 years.

So again, a balanced hair transplant says that you shall use your resources thoughtfully and in a planned way so that you get the best outcome using least medicine, least donor and maximum skill & get more sustainable results.

Balanced approach in high-grade baldness

Grade 7 Hair Transplant secret

This patient had grade 7 baldness and we did a natural hair transplant by combining a FUT and FUE technique (5400 grafts).

Obviously it is not possible to cover the entire area with a small number of grafts. So we did a combination of natural hair transplant & gave him finasteride 1mg/ week (it is not 1 mg/ day), which gave him a decent coverage and good looks.

Had we given more doses of the medicines, the area would have got even more coverage. Remember, this is the common way of getting her transplant results, where full doses of medicines are recommended to the patient (here 80% work is done by the medicine and 20% by the skill of surgeon, while the patient thinks and pays 100% money and respect to the surgeon).

While at Satya, he took 10% medicine and 90% skill of the surgeon to produce the result. Moreover, the patient paid only for the work done on him by the surgeon not for the medicine.

That is where the balancing act comes into picture and the expertise of Clinic in various techniques gives the patient /client an advantage to choose & it is obviously powerful to have choices.

Balanced approach in diffuse hair transplant

Diffuse hair transplant (Just 1800 graft's Miracle)

This patient had diffuse hair loss affecting the middle and crown portion and the hairline was slightly thinned out but intact.

While every clinic was telling him to go for 4000-6000 grafts along with 1 mg finasteride per day, which was confusing him, but because everyone was telling the same thing he was almost forced to believe it.

But when he came across Satya’s content he was surprised. We provided him with the most balanced approach doing 1800 grafts by FUT and using 1.75 mg/ week finasteride (Not 7 mg/week), gave him very good coverage and density and very natural looking results.

Here the patient saved his donor, money, health and got a more sustainable result with lesser investment. So a balance hair transplant will save you from a lot of hassles and will give you the most optimised and customise treatment plan for a long-term sustainable goal.

Never fall for flashy results and make sure that you take an informed decision.

Natural + Synthetic Hair Transplant

This patient had grade 7 baldness and we did a natural hair transplant by combining a FUT and FUE technique (3200 grafts).

Obviously it is not possible to cover the entire area with a small number of grafts. So we did a combination of natural and synthetic hair implant which gave him a decent coverage and good looks. 1500 Synthetic hair/ biofibres were done.

This also helps to reduce the impact of synthetic hair on the scalp because major areas were covered by natural hair transplant. So in patients who have high grades of baldness this combination can work very well provided it is done with skill, art and taste.

That is where the balancing act comes into picture and the expertise of Clinic in various techniques gives the patient /client an advantage to choose & it is obviously powerful to have choices.

So Balanced Hair Transplant TM is the most customized plan ever.

Balanced approach in corrective hair transplant

Had done eight hair transplant services in US, but in vain. I got eight big car is at the back of my head and very feeble growth. Came to Satya as I had heard about Dr Shail Gupta, and it was a remarkable turnaround with the kind of skills he has. I had very little donor left, but I had full trust. Following three sessions of body, hair transplant, my head is decently covered. Having been rejected by all the other surgeons in US, this was nothing less than a miracle for me.

Combination of (FUT + FUE + Body Hair + SMP + Medicine)

In the pursuit of combating high-grade baldness, a patient embarked on a transformative journey that spanned over eight years, resulting in a remarkable and sustainable outcome. Facing the challenges posed by significant hair loss, the patient opted for a comprehensive approach, undergoing a procedure that involved 5000 grafts utilizing the MHT technique, a combination of FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

The meticulous grafting process, tailored to address the specific needs of high-grade baldness, showcased the precision and expertise of the medical team involved. The fusion of FUT and FUE techniques allowed for the transplantation of a substantial number of grafts, maximizing coverage and ensuring a natural-looking result.


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