Don’t get a hair transplant before getting answers of these question

Don’t get a hair transplant before getting answers of these questions?

Some important questions which you must ask your surgeon, which could decide the longevity of your results & the risk to your health.

1. The results which you Are showing me, are they pure hair transplant results or they were contributed by finasteride and to what extent?

2. Can you do a hair transplant without help of 1MG finasteride? And what kind of results do I expect as all the results which you are showing are finasteride boosted?

3.  If your results are that much dependent on the medicine (where upto 90% contribution is coming from the medicine), why should I pay you money for the work which medicine is doing?

4. Why didn’t you give me option of micro dosing of finasteride? Will it also reduce the extra/ free credit you were getting because of medicine & if micro dosing can reduce the risk to my health, then why should I pay the price through putting my heath at stake?

5. If I am Grade 7, how many hairs do you think I will be needing to cover it up and how many do we normally have in that area, so is it logistically possible, even to cover grade 7? If not then the results which you are showing me in grade 7, where are they coming from?


6. When we can take out only one third of the hair through FUE, how can you give maximum numbers by doing FUE alone & not doing FUT at all?

7.  You Are not recommending FUT because it’s an old technique and waste of time or you are not trained to do that?

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Watch this animation video to learn the difference between FUT and FUE.

8.  Will this be my last hair transplant, what will you do after one FUE, won’t repeating FUE again form already weak donor, devastate it.

9. Even if I am asking for a low hairline, if you are agreeing to it, what will you do in case my hairloss progresses? Where will you get the grafts from, as a lot of donor would have already been invested.

10. I thought you will give me clarity upfront regarding the role of finasteride. If you tell me to take it for 1 year, won’t I have severe rebound hairloss if I leave the medicine?

11. If I keep taking finasteride forever & you plan my hairline & rest donor management accordingly relying heavily upon the medicine & if it fails to produce results or if I develop any side effect or contraindication or in case I develop tolerance to the medicine, what will happen to my existing & transplanted hair?

12. When I ask you to show me some cases where patients have been taking finasteride for many years now and still having excellent hair transplant results, why aren’t you able to show me the numbers which you are showing as results? Why very very few cases? Not even tip of iceberg.

13. Should I really rely on the celebrities which you are showing me as your brand ambassador, even knowing well that they are paid & we don’t even know the status of their hair as we are not seeing them in person, as in public appearance they use hair fibre as camouflage?

14. You are asking me to take 5-6 sessions of PRP after transplant, what will happen if I don’t take it, won’t I get full growth or will I get some extra growth which I don’t get with transplant alone. And if the answer is no, why are you pushing me to go through that many sessions. Even if you are Offering for free, I still have to give time and blood and bear the pain.
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