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Hair Transplant in Kolkata: Cost and Procedure

Kolkata is one of the biggest cities in India where people across the country and also from the other parts of the world are attracted to for its unique beauty, its distinctive cultural, historical, educational, literary and religious heritage. In terms of science & technology and innovative medical advancement, Kolkata is considered to have world class developments and always at the forefront of pioneering latest treatment approaches in any field of clinical as well as aesthetic Sciences. 

In the field of hair transplant in Kolkata and its various techniques also, Kolkata is keeping up its pace to competing the most advanced cities in the country like Delhi and Delhi NCR to give the best hair transplant in Kolkata. 

hair transplant in kolkata

Regardless of the cities, states or the geographical diversities, hair loss problems are very common to all of the people across the globe. With the growing cases of hair loss issues a number of people as young as 21 years old, both men and women are curbed under the shackles of either genetically or hormonal induced hair loss pattern. And so many youths are in need of hair transplant in Kolkata and constantly looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the best hair transplant in Kolkata technique that has revolutionized the field of hair restoration. So, to give you the fair idea where to get the best hair loss treatment and hair transplant surgeries in Kolkata, lets break down to the real question – Is Kolkata the right place to get the perfect hair transplant results?

In the field of hair transplant, almost every potential hair transplant candidate from every part of the country are flooding rapidly to receive the best hair transplant procedures in Delhi and Delhi NCR given its unparallel advantages over other hair transplant centers. Notably, Satya Hair Clinic is considered the best hair transplant clinic with its parent branch in New Delhi as well as in Gurugram, Delhi NCR.

hair transplant in kolkata

Why Should You Choose Satya Clinic For Hair Transplant in Kolkata?

Hair transplant in Kolkata is a cutting-edge procedure designed to combat hair loss and restore a natural, full head of hair. This process involves extracting healthy hair follicles from one part of the body, typically the back or sides of the head, and transplanting them onto the balding or thinning areas. This minimally invasive procedure offers a permanent solution to hair loss, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking effective and lasting results.

Services at Satya Hair Transplant Clinic in Kolkata

People who are searching for the best hair transplant in Kolkata are continuously becoming a part of the Satya family with their unique hair transplant journeys sharing to the rest of the world. All hair transplantation techniques are easily accessible at Satya Hair Clinic. This includes body hair transplants, long hair transplants, repair hair transplants, and hair transplants on long hair. hair transplant (bio fibers and Nido) are also included. As a pioneer in the field of hair restoration, Satya has made a name for itself.

Satya Hair Transplant Clinic with its main branch in Delhi & Gurgaon has earned its reputation as a pioneer in hair transplant, utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, advanced technology, and a team of highly skilled professionals. With a legacy spanning years, we have emerged as a trusted name for hair transplant in kolkata, recognized for our patient-centric approach, personalized care, and exceptional results.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

In Satya Hair, we specialize in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a minimally invasive technique that ensures natural-looking results without leaving scars. Our experienced surgeons meticulously extract individual hair follicles and transplant them to the target area, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience for our patients.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT):

FUT, another advanced technique offered at our clinic, involves the extraction of a strip of hair-bearing tissue from the donor area. Our skilled team then carefully dissects and transplants individual follicular units to create a fuller, natural-looking hairline.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy:

Complementing our transplant procedures, we offer PRP therapy
, a non-surgical treatment that stimulates hair growth and enhances the results of your transplant. This therapy utilizes the regenerative properties of your blood to promote healthy hair follicles.

Hairline Design and Restoration:

Our experts understand the importance of a well-defined hairline in achieving a natural appearance. With meticulous attention to detail, we customize hairline design for each patient, ensuring the most flattering and authentic results.

Established in 2005 by acclaimed doctors Dr. Shaiil Gupta & Dr. Ruchi Agarwal, Satya Clinic excels in hair treatment. Renowned as Delhi’s premier hair transplant center, it offers scientific solutions including FUT, and FUE innovative options like MHT. With a dedicated team specializing in long hair transplant surgery
, Satya’s years of research and practice culminate in unique and effective treatments.

Why People Travel from Kolkata to Delhi for Their Hair Transplant At Satya Clinic

Expertise and Experience:

Our team of highly trained surgeons at Satya Hair Clinic brings years of experience and expertise to the table. Their proficiency, coupled with our clinic’s cutting-edge technology, guarantees optimal results for every patient.

Personalized Approach:

We understand that each individual’s needs are unique. Our personalized consultations ensure that your hair restoration plan is tailored to your specific requirements, enhancing the chances of a successful outcome.

Natural-Looking Results:

Our commitment to creating a natural hairline and seamlessly integrating transplanted hair with existing hair sets us apart. You can confidently embrace your rejuvenated appearance, knowing that your hair looks and feels authentic.

Patient Comfort and Care:

Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities. From the moment you step into our clinic to your post-surgery follow-ups, we provide comprehensive care and support, making your hair restoration journey as smooth as possible.

Advanced Technology:

Satya Hair Solutions hair transplant in Kolkata stays at the forefront of technological advancements in hair transplantation. Our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques ensure that you receive the latest and most effective treatments available.

Our main Branch is located in Delhi, Pitampura. Dr. Shaiil Gupta has successfully performed more than 25,000 hair transplants. He is an accomplished and competent hair transplant specialist. 

Main Causes of Hair loss in kolkata

The main causes of hair loss in Kolkata, much like in other regions, can be attributed to a combination of factors including genetics, lifestyle, and environmental conditions. Here are some common causes of hair loss:

Genetics (Androgenetic Alopecia):

Also known as male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness, genetics play a significant role in determining the likelihood of hair loss. Individuals with a family history of hair loss are more prone to experiencing it.

Hormonal Imbalances:

Hormonal changes due to factors such as pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, or thyroid disorders can contribute to hair loss. Conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can also lead to hormonal imbalances and subsequent hair loss.

Stress and Lifestyle:

High levels of stress, poor dietary choices, and inadequate sleep can contribute to hair loss. Lifestyle factors like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption may also impact hair health.

Nutritional Deficiencies:

Insufficient intake of essential nutrients, such as vitamins (e.g., vitamin D, B vitamins), minerals (e.g., iron, zinc), and proteins, can affect hair growth and lead to hair loss.

Medical Conditions:

Certain medical conditions, like autoimmune disorders (e.g., alopecia areata), scalp infections (e.g., ringworm), and chronic illnesses, can trigger hair loss.

Medications and Treatments:

Certain medications, such as chemotherapy drugs, anticoagulants, and some antidepressants, can lead to temporary hair loss as a side effect. Additionally, excessive use of hairstyling products, frequent use of hair treatment, and tight hairstyles can damage hair follicles.

Environmental Factors:

Pollution, exposure to harsh sunlight, and environmental toxins can weaken hair and contribute to hair loss.


As people age, the natural aging process can result in thinner and weaker hair, leading to gradual hair loss.


Satya Hair Transplant Clinic brings the trusted legacy of excellence from Delhi. Our commitment to transforming lives through hair restoration is underlined by our dedication to innovation, personalized care, and remarkable results. With a team of experts by your side, you can confidently embark on a journey to rediscover your confidence and embrace a fuller, more vibrant head of hair. Experience the magic of Satya Hair Transplant Clinic and unlock the potential for a renewed you. Contact us today at +91-99995 70494 to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards a hair transformation that will leave you looking and feeling your best.

Hair Transplant Cost in Kolkata: An Expert Guide

What is the typical hair transplant cost in Kolkata, you might wonder? as you enter Kolkata, a lavish metropolis. Given that the city is a major hub for cosmetic procedures, people who want to restore their locks to their previous beauty frequently ask this question. The typical cost of a hair transplant in Kolkata might range from 45,000 to 1,50,000 Indian rupees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Satya Hair Clinic stands out as a premier destination for hair transplantation. Under the guidance of Dr. Shaiil Gupta, a seasoned authority with more than 20 years of experience and performing more than 25000 successful hair transplants . The clinic prides itself on cutting-edge technology, a proficient team, and a remarkable track record of over Thousands of successful procedures. Dr. Shaiil Gupta's adept leadership has elevated Satya to the forefront, establishing it as the finest hair transplant clinic in Delhi, renowned for delivering treatments of global standards.

Dr. Shaiil Gupta has an exceptional history of conducting over 25000+ successful hair transplants, coupled with more than 10000+ repair surgeries. His expertise extends to specialized domains, including restorative hair transplants, hair implants, innovative combination approaches, and body hair transplants. He holds global recognition as a highly skilled surgeon in the field.

The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia, minimizing discomfort during the surgery. Some mild discomfort and swelling might be experienced in the days following the procedure, but they are manageable with prescribed medications.

The duration varies depending on the extent of the transplant. It can take several hours to complete, but you will be able to return home on the same day.

Yes, modern hair transplant techniques aim for natural-looking results. Skilled surgeons, precise hairline design, and proper graft placement ensure that the transplanted hair blends seamlessly with your existing hair.

There are two primary techniques: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). FUE involves individual follicle extraction, while FUT involves the removal of a strip of tissue containing hair follicles.

Some temporary side effects may include swelling, redness, and minor discomfort. These usually subside within a few days to a week after the procedure.

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