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Satya’s Balanced Hair Transplant is the most optimised & rational approach to maximise results with minimum donor & medicine use.

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Astonishing Results of a Grade 3 Hair Transplant!

Imagine the journey of a patient grappling with Grade 3 Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA), a condition
causing a receding frontal hairline and thinning of the frontal forelock. This individual was confronted
with not only the visible signs of baldness but also the emotional toll it can take on one's self-esteem.

At Satya Hair Solutions, our mission is to restore not just hair but also confidence. This case study
presented a fascinating challenge with a Grade 3 AGA, marked by a receding hairline in the frontal
region, and significant thinning in the frontal forelock. The patient's hairline had receded from the
central area, adding complexity to the restoration process.


To address this, we had two options in our arsenal: Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular
Unit Extraction (FUE). We believe in informed choices, so we discussed the advantages and
disadvantages of both procedures with the patient. The final decision was made after considering the
patient's current condition, potential future hair loss, family history of baldness, and previous responses
to medical treatments. It's crucial to weigh these factors when deciding on a course of action.


In this case, the patient opted for FUT surgery to utilize the permanent donor zone and preserve some
donor grafts for future use. We understand that patients often harbor fears and concerns about
different methods, and this can influence their choices. We want to emphasize that both FUT and FUE
have their merits, and the selection depends on individual circumstances.


In line with the patient's preferences, we performed the surgery without shaving the head to minimize
social downtime. This approach allows patients to maintain their daily routines while undergoing the
transformative procedure.

Our skilled team meticulously transplanted 1800 grafts using FUT, creating what we proudly call "Satya's
Mimic Nature Hairline." This meticulously crafted hairline looks remarkably natural, a result of years of
dedication, honesty, passion, skill, and creativity.

The grafts were placed with precision among the existing hair, leaving no area untouched. The decision
to use only 1800 grafts was a strategic one, designed to account for potential future thinning. The post-
op pictures at 15 days show the exact placement of grafts, and at five months, the initial growth is
strikingly natural. By the 9 to 10-month mark, nearly all the hair has regrown, delivering a stunning,
lifelike result.

One common concern with FUT surgery is the scar at the back of the head. However, our use of
Trichophytic closure ensures that this scar is nearly undetectable. Patients don't experience tightness of
the scalp or limitations in movement due to strip removal.

What sets this case apart is the remarkable follow-up of over seven years without the use of finasteride.
The results have held up impressively well, with some slight thinning in the transplanted area and the
region behind the transplant. While finasteride could have been introduced earlier, its long-term
efficacy can be limited due to tolerance issues. Nonetheless, we maintain the option of introducing
finasteride now to further sustain the results.

In a world where many results are enhanced with finasteride, our ability to deliver lasting, authentic
outcomes speaks volumes about Satya Hair Solutions. We don't rely on finasteride to mask
imperfections; our results are a testament to our commitment to excellence.

At Satya, our goal is not just to transplant hair but to restore confidence, and this case study exemplifies
our dedication to that mission.

hair regrowth

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8 Years Follow up 1800 grafts

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