What Is the Average Cost of PRP Hair Restoration Treatment?
PRP therapy

What Is the Average Cost of PRP Hair Restoration Treatment?

Hair restoration with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a well-known non-surgical approach of treating hair loss. This is everything there is to know about PRP.

Men and women both experience hair loss, which is frequently caused by hormonal fluctuations, genetics, illnesses, or age. Excess and sudden hair loss can have a detrimental effect on your confidence and badly influence both your personal and professional life. The good news is that hair loss can be countered by hair restoration procedures.

PRP therapy

What is a PRP therapy for hair restoration?

A three-step, non-surgical procedure called PRP hair restoration can successfully stop and even reverse hair loss. A professional in PRP hair restoration therapy uses blood plasma to promote natural hair growth. PRP therapy is used to treat many medical ailments, including repairing broken tendons, muscles, and ligaments and promoting natural hair growth.

PRP hair restoration treatment research indicates that it can boost blood flow to the hair follicles, prompting the scalp to produce thicker and more abundant hair. A specialist may wish to track the trend of hair loss before setting up your PRP therapy for hair regeneration. The doctor will arrange for the PRP treatment sessions based on the extent of your hair loss.

Usually, patients have PRP hair restoration treatments every four to six weeks. If they begin to see the desired results, maintenance appointments can be made every few months.

PRP hair restoration process

  • Drawing Blood:

To isolate the PRP for the procedure, your hair expert will first take a small sample of your blood (typically from the arm) and place it in a centrifuge.

  • Centrifuge Isolation of Platelet Rich Plasma:

Within ten to twenty minutes, the PRP and blood are separated by the centrifuge’s spinning action. The hue of the isolated PRP is straw-colored or yellowish.

  • PRP Scalp Injections:

Injecting separated PRP carefully into the patient’s scalp is the last step in the PRP hair restoration procedure. This plasma stimulates the development of new, natural hair by increasing blood flow to specific areas.

The PRP treatment expert will conduct tests, such as the hair pull test, before each session to assess the treatment’s integrity. The PRP hair treatment should show results three months after surgery if all necessary sessions are completed.

PRP therapy cost

Depending on how long the session lasts, the price might be anywhere from reasonable to expensive. In India, Delhi, a PRP treatment usually costs between (10,000 – 15,000) for 30 to 45 minutes.


PRP hair restoration is an easy, affordable, and almost risk-free procedure. For people who choose non-surgical methods to treat hair loss, it’s a fantastic substitute. Make an appointment for your first PRP therapy session at Delhi Hair Restoration Clinic right now if you are experiencing significant hair loss! Speak with the best hair restoration experts in Delhi , India.

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