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Kamesh was dealing with grade 3 androgenetic alopecia (AGA), which primarily affected his hairline and temples. Fortunately, he had a favorable donor area. One notable feature of Kamesh was his naturally broad forehead, which had an impact on our approach to his hairline design.

For a young patient like Kamesh, it's crucial not to lower the hairline excessively due to the risk of excessive graft consumption. Male pattern baldness is progressive, and preserving the donor area for future use is paramount. When crafting a hairline, we consider various factors:


  • The patient's age
  • The pattern of hair loss
  • Family history of baldness
  • Previous treatment history
  • Patient's expectations
  • Facial structure

In Kamesh's case, both FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) were viable options. After thorough deliberation, Kamesh chose to undergo a 2000-graft FUT procedure.

The surgery was performed utilizing the trichophytic closure technique, resulting in minimal visible scarring in the donor area. It's crucial to debunk the myth surrounding FUT scarring, as the scars are typically inconspicuous.

It's also important to recognize that if Kamesh had opted for an FUE procedure, the same 2000 grafts would have produced more hair and greater density. This is due to the fact that FUE allows for the selective extraction of multi-hair grafts, which can be placed more densely in a smaller recipient area.

Kamesh did not receive finasteride, but instead, he was prescribed 5% minoxidil for topical application 2-3 times per week. It's worth noting that adding finasteride to his regimen could have further improved the results. Finasteride offers several benefits in the context of hair transplantation:

Area Coverage: It enhances hair even in regions where no transplanted hair is present, as it thickens miniaturized hair.

Density: Finasteride improves the density of miniaturized hair in the transplanted zone, significantly enhancing overall density.

Hairline Aesthetics: By thickening miniaturized hair in the hairline zone, finasteride contributes to a more aesthetically pleasing hairline.

Donor Hair Thickness: Finasteride significantly improves the thickness of donor hair, which is particularly noticeable in thin donor areas at the top or bottom of the donor zone. However, it's crucial to note that this improved appearance may create a false impression of donor density.

Transplanted Hair Thickness: Even transplanted hair becomes thicker with the administration of finasteride, with the effect being directly proportional to the dosage. This may also create a misleading impression of a highly successful hair transplant.

It's essential to recognize that individuals providing testimonials may not be aware that these results are not necessarily long-lasting. Prematurely depleting resources such as the donor area and relying heavily on finasteride can have detrimental long-term effects.

Furthermore, finasteride may lead to issues of dependence and tolerance. Patients who start taking it may find it difficult to stop, as discontinuation can result in severe rebound hair loss. Over time, finasteride's effectiveness may diminish due to tolerance. Potential side effects, including erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, or gynecomastia, should also be considered.

men hair line - Satya hair solutions

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