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Hair restoration is a journey, Plan it right, to get it right

Satya’s Balanced Hair Transplant is the most optimised & rational approach to maximise results with minimum donor & medicine use.

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Balanced Hair Transplant

(Medicine, Donor & PRP)

We respect your resources

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fue hair transplant

Conservative approach in grade 4 baldness transplant

Recession of hairline leads to increase in the broadening of the forehead which is turn leads to loss of youthful of the face. If this happens at a very young age, then we have worried patients who want quick results. But careful planning in young patients is the key to a successful transplant because hair transplant is a journey, not a destination.

We should use the donor in such a way that it is still available for future transplants that is why we decided to go for a combination of FUE and FUE surgery in Navneet. Extracting a large number of Grafts using only the FUE method leads to exhaustion of the donor area.

The grafts extracted were carefully used to create a hairline which looked as natural as possible. Some grafts were also used in the creation of temples in accordance with the hairline.

The result achieved after proper post operative care were satisfactory for both our team and the patient. He was clearly ecstatic and grateful to have his natural youthful self back.

fue hair transplant

First step towards your hair restoration journey

Our step-by-step hair transplant journey will transform your appearance & boost your confidence with natural looking & long-lasting results.



5 Months Follow up 3100 grafts

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