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Hair restoration is a journey, Plan it right, to get it right

Satya’s Balanced Hair Transplant is the most optimised & rational approach to maximise results with minimum donor & medicine use.

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Balanced Hair Transplant

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repair hair transplant

A Transformational Journey: Satya's Mimic Nature Hairline Restoration

In the dynamic field of hair restoration, our clinic had the privilege of assisting a patient from the United States who sought a solution for his receded hairline and thinning in the middle portion. The patient, Mr. Jack, arrived at our facility with a desire for a natural-looking and undetectable result, emphasizing the importance of expert surgical skills.
Mr Jack had been dealing with a receding hairline and noticeable thinning in the central region, causing him considerable distress. Seeking a long-term solution to address his concerns, he chose our clinic for its reputation and expertise in hair restoration procedures. After a thorough consultation, we recommended a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) technique, known for its precision and effectiveness in achieving natural-looking results.

Mr Jack agreed to the procedure, and our skilled surgeon meticulously performed 2700 grafts to restore the density and shape of his hairline. Unique Approach: "Satya's Mimic Nature Hairline"
Two years after the FUT procedure, Mr Jack experienced remarkable results. 

The transplanted hair blended seamlessly with his existing hair, creating a natural-looking density and restoring the youthful contour of his face. The "Satya's Mimic Nature Hairline" approach achieved the desired outcome, leaving Mr Jack ecstatic with the undetectable and authentic appearance of his restored hairline.

repair hair transplant

First step towards your hair restoration journey

Our step-by-step hair transplant journey will transform your appearance & boost your confidence with natural looking & long-lasting results.



3 years Follow up 5200 grafts

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