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repair hair transplant

Successful Hair Restoration in an Elderly Patient with High-Grade Baldness

High-grade baldness, particularly in older individuals, poses unique challenges for hair restoration. The Maximum Hair Transplantation (MHT) technique, combining FUT and FUE, offers a comprehensive approach to address extensive hair loss. Additionally, finasteride is a medication commonly used to slow down hair loss progression. This case study illustrates the successful treatment of a patient with high-grade baldness in old age using the MHT technique, along with long-term finasteride use.
After a detailed consultation, the patient opted for the MHT technique, combining FUT and FUE, to maximize graft availability and coverage. 

Additionally, the patient was prescribed 1mg of finasteride daily to aid in hair loss prevention and maintenance.
With 5000 grafts transplanted and 6 years of follow-up, the patient achieved significant hair regrowth, improved density, and a natural-looking hairline. The combined approach and ongoing finasteride use demonstrate the effectiveness of these interventions in achieving long-term hair restoration and maintenance in elderly patients.

repair hair transplant

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8 years Follow up 5000 grafts


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