Hair Restoration Post-Operative Care


To get the most out of a hair restoration procedure, you need to follow a few post-operative instructions and recommendations from your hair doctor. One of the most important phases in the hair restoration process is recovering after baldness treatment. Depending on how much TLC you give the repaired hair throughout this period, you can attain optimal outcomes. The most important thing to do is usually to minimize problems and side effects after a hair restoration.

Hair Restoration Post-Operative Care

Your procedure’s outcome may be greatly affected by the healing and recuperation that occurs in the early postoperative phase.

For hair restorations, we at Satya Hair Solutions provide thorough aftercare instructions along with a helpline so you may receive all the support you need during this time.

Hair Restoration Post-Operative Recovery Timeline

After your treatment is complete and you depart from our clinic, you will have ongoing access to our comprehensive post-hair restoration aftercare program and expert help.

It can take two to three months for your newly formed follicles to fully accept and begin producing new hair on their own. Even though the new hair growth cycle could be unkempt and uneven at first, it won’t take long for your hair to grow back to its previous youthful state. After the procedure, the majority of patients have full growth of their natural hair in 10 months. Please be advised that healing times and results differ for each patient. If the healing process from your hair growth surgery takes longer than anticipated, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the procedure wasn’t successful or that your results won’t be as nice.

As per our aftercare assurance, you are invited to visit the clinic for a check-up if you have any concerns.

The Healing Phase After a Hair Transplant (1–4 Days)

You need to follow your surgeon’s aftercare recommendations in the letter. After a hair restoration, you will be given an aftercare kit with everything you need to take home with you when you are first released. You need to take care of your scalp and use the kit as directed to prevent infection, stop scabbing, and speed up the healing process of the follicles. In the early days after your hair restoration, you also need to obtain as much rest as you can. It’s because resting speeds up healing and exhausts your body during the process.

It is best to avoid swimming, drinking alcohol, smoking, high-impact exercise, and other activities during these short recovery days following hair restoration.

When combing your hair, make sure to do it carefully while it’s still damp to avoid causing bleeding or irritation. Fortunately, if you have any queries or worries regarding anything about your recovery, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Satya Hair Solutions aftercare team. Any safety precautions you need to take following your hair restoration will be explained to you by us.

Going Back to Your Hair Care Routine (Day 14 and after)

At this point, your scalp may seem pink and scabby. It usually lasts 10 to 14 days, but if you have pale skin, it might linger longer. As long as there is no pain or suffering, it is unimportant. Thick, healthy new hairs will soon sprout from your transplanted follicles once the pink skin and scabs have healed fully. You will revert to your pre-hair restoration appearance when your follicles go dormant once more and all of your newly grown hair falls out.

You can now go back to shampooing your hair as normal. If the regular shampoo you use isn’t too harsh or rough, it should be fine.

Consultation Appointments (3-6 Months)

After your scalp has healed and we’ve given nature the freedom to do what it does, your hair will progressively begin to grow properly again. Subsequently, at about three and six months, we will arrange follow-up consultations to assess progress and take photos of your growth. Please put them on your calendar even though we understand that you may have a hectic schedule. Since each person’s recovery is different, it is imperative. It also allows us to make sure that nothing strange is occurring concerning your recuperation. It gives you one more chance to ask our experts any questions you may have about aftercare and potential future hair problems.

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Hair Grows Naturally and is Regrown (6 to 9 months)

The first round of natural hair regrowth will occur two to three months after your treatment; but, because every follicle is still developing at this point, the growth will be patchy and uneven.

Between eight and ten months, the majority of your follicles should begin to produce hair. This is usually the time when a trim is needed to get the hair back to its normal length. By then, the majority of post-operative hair restoration patients would have seen their hair grow naturally and healthily.

Final Review and Feedback (9 to 12 months)

Twelve months following your procedure, we will get together for one last hair restoration aftercare visit. It will be required to assess your growth and hairline to determine the final result. We also welcome comments at this time regarding our staff and operational procedures. You can see that our hair transformation process and aftercare regimen are precise, tried-and-true, and effective. 


Satya Hair Solutions provides hair restoration procedures that are safe, efficient, and carried out by skilled surgeons with cutting-edge technology. If you’re worried about male hair loss treatment and would like to restore your self-esteem and confidence with a healthy-looking head of hair, make an appointment for a consultation with us.

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