Can Hair Transplant from Body to Head Is Possible?
Body Hair transplant

Can Hair Transplant from Body to Head Is Possible?

An increasing number of men and women are using hair transplants to cover their bald areas. This is due to the fact that the only treatment for inherited hair loss that offers long-term relief is a hair transplant.  What occurs, though, if there is insufficient donor hair remaining on the head? Can hair be moved from the body to the head?

In addition to head hair, body hair can also be utilized as a donor for hair transplants. Beard and chest hair transplants onto the head have become feasible since the FUE technique was developed.

Body Hair transplant

What are the different types of hair on our body?

In addition to the hair on our heads, eyelashes, arms, and legs, terminal hair grows beneath our armpits and on our genitalia. There is also beard hair in guys. As you age, more hair grows everywhere, even in the ears and nose.

The hair on the head, eyelashes, arms, and legs grows from birth, but the hair on the beard and terminal regions only begins to grow when puberty sets in.

What separate hair on the body from hair on the head?

Every hair type is unique. For instance, compared to beard hair, the hair on the arms and legs is more akin to a light, fluffy fluff. Both their development cycles and the structure are to blame for this.

For instance, the growth of body hair is four times quicker than that of head hair. Beard hairs have a considerably longer resting phase than they do a shorter growing phase. Additionally, terminal hairs have a prolonged quiescence. Furthermore, a large number of body hairs are in the telogen phase. On the other hand, the majority of hairs on the head—85%—are still growing. Only 50% of body hairs are in the telogen phase under certain circumstances.

Hair transplant with body hair

One of the most significant advancements in hair transplantation in recent years is the FUE procedure. It has only developed to the point where body hair transplantation is now feasible.

Hair or follicles (grafts) are often extracted from the donor area at the back of the head and reinserted into the recipient area when using the FUE procedure. When donor hair is scarce, body hair transplants can occasionally be used to augment it.

The procedure of transplanting body hair

The procedure of a “normal” FUE own hair transplantation is essentially the same as when using body hair for hair transplantation. The patient and attending doctor discuss the intended outcome in the first phase.

After shaving and local anesthesia, the region to be harvested for the grafts is prepared.

The follicles are then extracted and reinserted into the recipient location using a hollow needle.

Dr. Shaiil Kumar Gupta does hair transplants using body hair at Satya Hair Solutions as well. For a free consultation on your hair transplant in Delhi, please get in touch with us.

Can just body hair be used for hair transplants?

Because body hair grows in different stages, it is not feasible to do a hair transplant using only body hair. Fifty percent of the hair on the chest is in the resting phase before falling out. Bald spots would reappear if all 50% of the grafted body hair fell out at once.

The greatest places to get a natural look are on the chest and back of the hair. However, because beard hair has a stronger structure and covers a bigger area with less substance, it can also seem unnatural.

Abdominal, pubic, underarm, and arm hair are not good candidates for hair transplantation. They would not fit into the overall scene since they are too soft and curly.

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