Is it possible to do 5000 grafts in a day? Reality or Bluff?
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Is it possible 5000 grafts in a day? Reality or Bluff?

Is it possible to do 5000 grafts in a day? Reality or Bluff?

 Big numbers 4000-5000 grafts or even more grafts cannot be achieved in everyone because of donor limitations. These numbers are definitely not possible by FUE technique alone because we can just take 1 out of 3 grafts


  Even with a FUT plus FUE combination these numbers are not possible in everyone. Moreover for the eligibility of FUT, we have to check the elasticity of the scalp for which a physical examination is mandatory. So claiming big numbers and believing them just because a combination surgery is being offered can put you at risk of being cheated.

  And this is something you should beware of.

  • A long surgery can make the patient tired and exhausted, moreover we have to increase the dose of anesthesia which can put the patient in danger. This is one of the reasons why we come across cases of mishaps happening in hair transplant.
  • Long surgery hours can make the team tired which would eventually compromise the final outcome of surgery.
  • A very big session is obviously not good for the graft survival as it will increase the out of body time for the graft and that also being done by a tired team is a recipe for disaster.
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  • Last, but not the least, we come across cases/ claims on the internet where the results of such cases are flashed. We know that getting that number by FUE alone or by combination of FUT and FUE in a single day is highly questionable. Then where do these results come from?

* Other clinics will show these results with 1mg finasteride daily and 5000 grafts

 They can be because of the manipulation of medicines.

Satya is the place where the role and contribution of medicine is acknowledged and given its due respect.

and the only choice you have.

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MOREOVER, you save the following:-

We use less (actual) number of grafts, so you save your donor.
We use micro dosing/ no medicine, so you save your health.
We respect your resources (medicine, donor and Prp), and use them thoughtfully and cautiously, rather than blowing them away in one shot, which increases the chances of more sustainable results.

     So if you are not aiming for short-term glory, Satya is the obvious

Balanced hair transplant is the most customized and detailed approach in the hair transplant industry which meets all these needs

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