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Is it Possible to Transplant Body Hair?

Is body hair suitable for hair transplantation? This is one of the most frequently asked questions at Satya Hair Solutions. Also some surgeons have done it and it is theoretically possible, our specialists advise against it for optimal outcomes. We shall discuss the benefits and drawbacks of a body hair transplant here, along with potential candidates.

body hair transplant

Who Can Get Their Body Hair Transplant?

The patient and surgeon have more access to donor hair after a body hair transplant. But for it to work, the chosen body hair must mimic the hair on the scalp. This is so that all of the qualities, curl, color, and coarseness, combine harmoniously. This implies that the pool of potential donors may not be as extensive as you might have imagined.

Additionally, not all body hair may be suitable for extraction in certain areas. Vellus hair makes up almost all of human hair. It is therefore too delicate and thin for this hair transplant method. However, the hair that grows during puberty on the chest, back, and beard is referred to as terminal hair because it is strong enough to be removed.

Factors influencing the appropriateness of body hair

The donor body hair may not grow well if the patient is taking drugs like DHT blockers. These preventive steps may cause your body hair to thin or fall out. Because of this, compatibility must be verified in advance, and extracting data might be extremely difficult.

How Does a Body Hair Transplant Procedure Work?

Body hair transplantation is essentially the same procedure as a usual FUE hair transplant from the scalp. After shaving the donor area, anesthesia is given. Using a unique hollow needle equipped with a micromotor, the grafts are released.

With a delicate and exact procedure, hair follicles are taken out using specialized needles. Since each graft must be removed separately and saved for implantation, extreme care is needed.

What advantages and disadvantages Occur with a Body Hair Transplant?

Advantages of Body Hair Transplant

As was previously said, once the surgeon can utilize to body hair, donor hair availability can be increased. If there is not enough donor hair to completely cover the recipient area and the patient has highly advanced stages of androgenetic alopecia on Norwood 6 or 7, this may be their last choice.

Patients may need to use many body grafts if they have had multiple restorations done in the past and the donor scalp hair has run out. Because of its overall thickness, it can be used to fill in places on the facial hair that need more thickness or to hide scars. In situations such as cicatricial alopecia, the scarring can be so severe that the scalp cannot provide sufficient. donor hair for sufficient coverage.

Disadvantages of Body Hair Transplant

Even while body hair has a considerably quicker growth rate than hair on the head, there are a lot fewer hairs on the body that are constantly developing. Over 50% of the hairs on your chest and beard are frequently in the telogen, or resting, phase, whereas 85–90% of the hairs on your head are in the anagen phase at the time.

Ensuring the anagen:telogen ratio is ideal for transplanting prior to the procedure may become more challenging as a result. Also, there is far less donor hair accessible in these places. There are typically up to 6,000 donor hairs accessible on the scalp, compared to just 1,000 grafts in the beard and, based on the patient, only 300–1,000 in the chest.


If you believe you don’t have sufficient donor hair, utilizing body hair can be an option for you. However, it can only be used on particular regions of the head and you can’t always get a natural-looking hairstyle. Satya Hair Solutions cannot provide this treatment option since there are fewer donor hairs accessible, the method of extraction process is more complex, and more hairs are needed at a lower quality.

Are you not sure if your scalp contains sufficient acceptable donor hair for a hair transplant? Then, to receive a free, optional assessment of your hair loss condition, get in touch with our specialists right now and send us images of your hair. We can figure out whether you are a good candidate for the transplant process and provide you with all the information desire to return to having full hair.

For any inquiries or to arrange for a hair transplant in Delhi, use the number or email provided. To learn more about our services and patient testimonials, please visit our website.

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