Refund Policy at Satya Hair Clinic


Who We Are

Satya Clinic is an initiative by Dr.Shaiil Gupta & Dr. Ruchi Agarwal, started in year 2005, with a vision of providing truthful, honest, artistic, skilful & passionate hair restoration and advanced skin treatments to people from all over the globe. The basic foundation stone for Team Satya is “Satya or Truth- Be true to yourself and to your patients ”. We don’t make false promises instead we prefer to make people aware about their problems and show them the right path most appropriate for them.

Our motto is to make your journey of hair restoration near perfect and hassle free. We offer the most scientific solution to your hair problems and the most natural and consistent hairline. Be it FUE, FUT, MHTTM or hair weaving, we excel in using superior diagnostic facilities and surgical techniques.

This cancellation is broadly explained as 2 scenarios 

  1. Refund requests on same day as date of checkup an
  2. Refund requests before checkup date on which it has to be availed. Below are guidelines for cancellation:
  • Once patient starts with the billing at Satya clinic, any request for refund shall not be granted
  • Any Cancellation request should be submitted by an email to atleast 12hrs before health check appointment
  • The hospital shall not be responsible in case communication is not received by the customer due to incomplete address[AK1]  given by the individual
  • In case of refund[AK2] , 3% processing charges will be lived on price which is to be refunded
  • The stated amount due for refund shall be processed within 7 business days from the date of the cancellation, subject to all terms and conditions. Refund will be made through NEFT irrespective of mode payment by patient.
  • The above-mentioned cancellation process and refund processing time may vary under special circumstances (such as holidays, strikes, bank delays etc) and AHLL cannot be held liable for the delay.
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