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Hair restoration is a journey, Plan it right, to get it right

Satya’s Balanced Hair Transplant is the most optimised & rational approach to maximise results with minimum donor & medicine use.

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Balanced Hair Transplant

(Medicine, Donor & PRP)

We respect your resources

overuse of any will topple the tripod down


repair hair transplant

Grade 4 Baldness Hair Transplant

Jitesh had frontal baldness and his temples were also gone

He had no questions in his mind, as he had full faith in Satya Clinic & had completely left it to us.

He was explained about available treatment options & after a thorough discussion he opted for FUT surgery 2500 grafts.

Most of the clinics were though telling him numbers like 4000. 

15 days post op pictures:- Nice & clean coverage merged with existing hair.

4 months post op:- Early signs of good density

Absolutely natural looks

Temple area shaping up well

6 months post op:-   Very good density & coverage, 

Satya’s mimic nature hairline

Almost full growth in 6 months (Satya’s unique AGF treatment)

1.5 Years post op:- Nice retention of growth, absolutely stunning results


  1. Minoxidil 5% on alternate days
  2. Biotin tablet once a day
  3. Just one session of PRP has been done after transplant

Important Points which nobody tells you: 

  1. This was FUT 2500 grafts, had it been FUE surgery, we would have got even more density, because of cherrypicking of multi grafts
  2. People don’t realise this while comparing results that if it is 1st FUE surgery you have option to choose multi grafts so the no. of follicles or hair in 2500 grafts can be sometimes 2500 multiplied by 2.5 or 3 = almost 7000 hair
  3. While in FUT one cannot choose multigrafts at will, so the multiplication in most of the cases is around 1.5 = 3750 hair
  4. You cannot compare 3700 hair with 7000 hair.

Have a look at donor of Jeetesh, 

Trichophytic closure was done & there is no scar visible

Use some surgery video

But most importantly there is no reduction in the density of remaining hair at all

he still has big number of multigrafts left in his donor, which can be used later if required. 

But if you take a look at FUE donor of some other patient:

  1.  There is reduced density throughout
  2.  All the multigrafts are gone
  3.  There are small tiny scars all around, you cannot hide them
  4.  Hair have also been extracted from the unsafe donor zone
  5.  After one FUE surgery, you must go for FUT in case you need 2nd

FUE & FUT both are good surgeries, but you need a complete surgeon who is competent & confident in both methods.

Going to an incomplete surgeon, would ruin your chances to get the maximum out of your donor area. BEWARE (use poona & dr shail picture boxing)

ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT POINT (use picture of bald men taking a tablet or pill)

This patient is not taking finasteride & still has excellent hair growth. 

You might not be knowing that taking Finasteride can really improve the growth of your existing miniaturized hair 

This will be counted as transplant result & the credit will go to the surgeon.

So the results which mesmerise you may not be actually only because of hair transplant . 

You can’t take finasteride life long & there are some tolerance issues as well.  

so after stopping the medicine effects are reversed.

We are telling you this after 2 decades of experience in hair restoration & an honest practice. 

We did only one session of PRP for him in this 1.5 years, unlike the common practice of blind race of meaningless & countless PRP sessions. (Put a prp picture of video)

So choose wisely: 

  1.  A clinic with complete surgeon.
  2.  Honest guidance, not just an eyewash.
  3.  Utmost concern, care & planning for your future hair maintenance, not just short term benefits.
repair hair transplant

First step towards your hair restoration journey

Our step-by-step hair transplant journey will transform your appearance & boost your confidence with natural looking & long-lasting results.



2 Years Follow up 2500 FUT

Our Successful Transformation


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