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wrong hair repair result

Repair done with natural hair transplant

Rohit, seeking repair from previous hair transplant procedures, faced challenges across multiple
areas, including the hairline, temples, and middle portion. His history included three hair transplant
surgeries: one Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) surgery and two Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
surgeries. Rohit's major concerns revolved around an unnatural hairline, a dwindling donor area, and
substantial gaps just behind the implanted region.

It's worth noting that nearly 70% of the cases we encounter are individuals seeking repair hair transplant
surgeries. Each case presents unique challenges. When examining Rohit's donor area, it's evident that he
had consulted several clinics before approaching us, with most clinics declining his case.

Addressing Rohit's concerns was of paramount importance. With our extensive experience and
compassionate approach, we couldn't shy away from the situation. We understand that taking on such
cases is both challenging and a testament to our reputation, but our commitment is to assist our
patients. We greatly appreciate the trust our patients place in us.

In this particular case, the scalp's donor area had been depleted due to the previous three surgeries. The
hairline's shape appeared awkward, and the frontal area boasted good hair density due to concentrated
graft placement from prior surgeries. To reshape the hairline, we needed to extract incorrectly placed
grafts, a daunting task due to their varying angles and random distribution.

One of the major concerns in this process is scarring. Additionally, as we extracted these hairs, we had
to simultaneously implant new ones to redefine the hairline. This undertaking is no small feat and
requires years of dedicated hard work, passion, skill, artistry, and a unique sense of dedication.

To address the hairline and temple concerns, we required scalp hair. The abrupt ending of the temples
from the previous surgery presented a significant challenge for extraction and recreation
simultaneously. Extracting grafts from the donor area of the scalp proved to be challenging, but it was
necessary. Fortunately, the patient had robust beard growth, which we harnessed for added density.
Some chest hair was also utilized through FUE to enhance density.

While we could have incorporated more body hair to achieve even greater density, budget and time
constraints sometimes come into play. The sequential images depict a gradual improvement in hair
aesthetics, resulting in a remarkably natural appearance that doesn't betray the fact that it's a

Reflecting on Rohit's journey, we can't help but wonder how much more beautiful his results could have
been if he had come to us before undergoing all three surgeries. The choice of the wrong method or an
inexperienced surgeon not only affects your finances but also jeopardizes your irreplaceable donor area.

This is precisely why we stress the importance of education and knowledge and create numerous
educational videos available on our social media platforms.

Key Concerns:
 Poor density
 Unfulfilled high graft promises
 Donor area damage
 Gaps immediately behind transplanted hair

Root Causes:
 Incorrect selection of clinic and surgeon
 Insufficient research
 Improper selection of techniques
 Donor area damage
 Misinformation

Key Takeaways:

After one failed FUE surgery, it is inadvisable to undergo FUE again from the same donor, as it
diminishes donor density and leads to high graft wastage due to increased transection rates.
Opting for cheap hair transplant surgery can prove significantly costlier in the long run.
Your donor area is finite and should be utilized judiciously.
Access to accurate and unbiased information is the linchpin for making the right hair transplant choices.

wrong hair repair result

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