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repair hair transplant

Repair done with natural hair transplant

Manjeet, a renowned pop singer and actor from London, sought our expertise after a previous hair
transplant left him dissatisfied. His initial procedure, which was an FUE transplant, had resulted in an
unnatural-looking hairline with noticeable plugging. This aesthetic issue greatly impacted his confidence,
especially in his line of work where appearance is of paramount importance.

In addition to the hairline correction, Manjeet also faced significant thinning in the crown area,
presenting a dual challenge. Complicating matters further, he had upcoming shoots and couldn't afford
the downtime associated with head shaving.

He became aware of Satya Clinic through a friend who had previously undergone a successful transplant
here. We dedicated ample time to understand Manjeet's unique requirements, concerns, reservations,
and expectations. Assessing the donor area's capacity to yield a sufficient number of grafts was also

In repair cases like Manjeet's, where the patient has undergone one or more prior transplants, donor
area availability becomes a critical factor. Fortunately, Manjeet still possessed a viable donor area. It's
essential to note that if a person has previously undergone an FUE surgery, it's generally inadvisable to
repeat another FUE from the same donor zone. We stress this point because most multi-hair grafts have
usually been extracted during the first FUE surgery. In some instances, grafts may even have been taken
from the non-permanent donor zone. Moreover, scarring from the earlier FUE surgery can alter the
angles of the remaining hair, increasing the risk of graft transection.

In Manjeet's case, multi-hair grafts had been used in the frontal hairline area, and the temples were
neglected entirely, contributing to the unnatural appearance. While we would have preferred to extract
and rearrange the misplaced grafts to recreate the temples, the patient had an imminent event
scheduled, preventing us from doing so. Nevertheless, we successfully refined the hairline, achieving a
more subtle and natural look using the FUT method without the need to shave the head.

Simultaneously, we addressed the crown area, planting grafts strategically among the existing hair.
Manjeet returned to London the very next day, where his stitches were removed. He kept us updated
with his progress through photos, showcasing consistent improvement. A year later, he returned to
India, revealing another remarkable transformation.

His hairline now exuded a stunning naturalness, allowing him to style his hair according to his desires.
This transformation greatly facilitated his career in the glamour industry. The crown area was so
seamlessly covered that it was virtually impossible to discern that a transplant had been performed.

In the context of FUT surgery, concerns about scarring often arise. Thanks to the trichophytic closure
technique employed in Manjeet's case, scarring was minimal, and his donor area remained viable for
potential future use.

repair hair transplant

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