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repair hair transplant

Repair done with natural hair transplant

captain mike, also known as Captain Mike, presented us with a highly challenging case of hair restoration. Having undergone 8 unsuccessful hair transplant procedures in the past, he faced significant donor area depletion, with thin and weak body hair. Initially, we explored the option of synthetic hair implants, conducting a test patch, but unfortunately, it did not yield satisfactory results.

Despite the initial setback, we engaged in extensive discussions and counselling with Captain Mike, who placed his utmost faith in our abilities. Driven by this trust, we embraced the challenge and devised a comprehensive treatment plan to address his unique condition. Given the depleted donor area and the presence of scars and thin remaining hair, a 3-session procedure of body hair transplant was undertaken.

The procedure involved extracting grafts from various regions, including the scalp, beard, body, chest, pubic area, axillae, and legs. The thin and sparse nature of these grafts presented a significant challenge, particularly in the crown area, where previous surgeries had yielded unsatisfactory results.

Despite these obstacles, we successfully created a natural hairline that blended seamlessly with Captain Mike’s existing hair. The front view and left and right profiles achieved excellent coverage, significantly improving his overall appearance. However, the crown area posed unique difficulties due to the absence of scalp hair, necessitating the implementation of Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) to enhance coverage and create a more balanced aesthetic.

This complex case demanded a high level of expertise, skill, experience, and courage. By combining body hair transplant with SMP, we were able to overcome the challenges posed by the depleted donor area and create a successful outcome for Captain Mike. The combination of these procedures allowed us to achieve the desired results, bringing positive changes to his life and self-confidence.

The success of this case underscores the importance of individualized treatment plans and the willingness to explore innovative techniques when faced with challenging hair restoration cases. By carefully assessing the patient's unique condition and combining multiple procedures, we can overcome limitations and achieve remarkable transformations.

Captain Mike’s journey serves as an inspiration, highlighting the impact that balanced hair transplants and combination procedures can have on a patient's life. Through our commitment to excellence and the application of advanced techniques, we were able to restore not just his hair but also his self-esteem.

repair hair transplant

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