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Hair Transplant is a journey not a destination!

Plan it right, to get it right !

A successful hair transplant is not a miracle, but careful execution of a good plan with skills, experience, precision and pure intent. At Satya, we aim to give aesthetic, natural looking, realistic, sustainable results without overusing your resources (Donor, PRP, Medicine).

before image of hair transplanthair transplant results after surgery

Modes of Consultation

Our panel of experts are available for your assistance through both online(virtual) and offline (physical) modes of consultation covering your detailed assessment and creation of a customized long term treatment plan for your hair restoration journey. Even if you are not planning any hair restoration procedure(PRP, Hair transplant), then also this consultation will help you understand your treatment options and sustain your existing hair in the mean time.

Why Consultation is important ?

The decision to get a hair transplant, may prove to be a life altering decision for you. Having a vast experience of more than 20 years and being the global pioneer in Repair Hair Transplant, Satya is the best place to assess the suitability of transplant in your case.

A wrong path can never lead you to the right destination. Satya’s assessment will give you an idea about the suitability of this path of hair restoration in your case.

Out of our more than 10 lakh happy patients, we have advised and proceeded with transplant in just around 25k patients so far. Remember, Not every patient is a suitable candidate for hair transplant and vice versa.


What to expect from Consultation at SATYA:

What do you save by consulting at Satya?

  • Donor : Your donor is very precious, once damaged it can’t be revived back.
  • Health & Medicine use : At Satya, medicine (if at all used) is given on the principle of “Right dose, right patient, right time and right intent”
  • PRP: Unlike others we believe in single highlyeffective PRP session rather than forcing multiple sessions on you.
  • Money : A planned surgery can save you the cost of repeated repair surgeries
  • Hope & Faith : You can trust Satya to be your unbiased truthful partner guiding you through all the ups and downs in this hair journey.

Once you consult at Satya, we become your life long trusted partners in your hair restoration journey.

We believe in the approach of “Less is More” and therefore optimally utilize your resources and yet providing you natural and long lasting results, thereby saving  your resources

Schedule A Consultation

We provide you with the necessary instructions and arrange a video consultation at a convenient time.

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