SATYA CAN BE SUPPRESSED, BUT CANNOT BE SILENCED FOREVER They removed our channel from YouTube, but Truth will prevail

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Dear Valued Viewers and Supporters,
It is with a heavy heart that we share the unfortunate news that our beloved YouTube channel, Satya Hair Solutions, has been banned without any prior notice. This platform, which we painstakingly built over eight years, was not just a channel – it was a community of two lakh subscribers from across the globe, all seeking knowledge about medical and surgical treatment options for hair loss.

As a seasoned medical doctor and a hair transplant surgeon with over two decades of experience, our mission was to educate and empower people with accurate information. We delved into the intricacies of hair transplant techniques & fearlessly addressed issues like the role of medication, the nuances of PRP sessions, and the often overlooked pitfalls in the industry. Our goal was simple: to provide transparency in an industry riddled with misinformation.

However, our pursuit of truth seems to have rattled some entities with vested interests. We suspect that misinformation spread by certain clinics, threatened by the revelation of uncomfortable truths, led to the unjust removal of our channel. YouTube cited our content as “dangerous,” erasing not only years of hard work but also the voice of reason and expertise we were providing to our global audience.

The attack did not stop at the banning of our YouTube channel. We faced an onslaught from all directions – from the takedown of our Google and My Business accounts to the hacking of our Facebook page, where inappropriate content was maliciously posted. It appears that every effort was made to stifle our voice, to prevent the truth from reaching those who need it most.

Our team, consisting of dedicated individuals working tirelessly around the clock, poured their hearts and souls into creating content that could make a difference. The abrupt removal of our channel is a blow not just to us but to the countless individuals worldwide who relied on our insights.
Despite the adversity, we stand undeterred. 

Yet, Satya remains undeterred, for the truth is a powerful force that cannot be silenced. He continues to fight for transparency in the hair transplant industry, refusing to be oppressed or repressed. With unwavering determination, we aim to rebuild this platform and continue educating and empowering people around the world.

Satya Hair Solutions will rise again, and we vow to continue our mission of providing accurate, transparent, and valuable information about hair loss treatments. We call on our loyal community to stand with us, to amplify our voice & be a part of this mission.

Join us in this inspiring journey as we uncover the truth, celebrate resilience, and champion those who dare to stand up against the forces of suppression. Together, we can ensure that Satya Hair Solutions rises from the ashes stronger than ever, shining a light on the path towards informed decisions and genuine solutions for those battling hair loss.
Together we can make this hairloss industry clean as a person who loses hair actually loses a lot (confidence, social & self acceptance) & his/her love for hair can become weakness & can be exploited by the vultures.

Myths busted by Satya

FUT VS FUE hair transplant

Hair restoration is such a gratifying procedure for the surgeon himself & we owe so much to hair transplant as all the name, fame and respect which we have got is beyond imagination. We owe this to the people & the patients who have put faith in us. 

So being in love with hair, really pisses me off, when I see all sorts of malpractices, misinformation, exploitation, happening with common man. 

This is not just restricted to turkey or India or Europe or USA, but every part of the world is equally affected.
As our rightful duty, we are on a mission to bring truth in public domain so that people across the globe get benefited from the truthful information and take an informed decision for their hair restoration journey.
Myths which Satya has busted:-

1. Use of wrong techniques: Because of incomplete knowledge or training, lack of effort or commercial interests, people are doing surgeries by only one technique (FUE) & misguiding people or spreading rumours about the FUT, which really can prove detrimental to the long term prospects of results & donor usage. 

2. Inappropriate use of medicines: Especially DHT blockers like finasteride has been misused continuously by lot of clinics across the globe, with an intent to manipulate the results, knowing very well how miraculous changes the medicine can bring to the final result of hair transplant. But patient has right to understand the potential problems and limitations of the medicines.

3. Unrealistic expectations: People will have to understand the common denominator is finasteride, which does the balancing act between a cheap clinic and a costly clinic, as both are using the medicine to manipulate the results. This gives unrealistic expectations to the patient from his donor & surgeon.

4. Countless PRP sessions: Satya is the first clinic which is talking about this malpractice of multiple, blind, futile PRP sessions. Where patient has to unnecessarily undergo pain & inconvenience as well as spend hard earned money.

5. Hair transplant is not a destination, it’s a journey: Don’t aim for one shot glory, rather Plan it right. Inappropriate use of all the available resources in one shot is not a wise idea. It might be good for the clinic, but definitely not for you.
6. Donor scar & stories: People have been forced to believe that FUE is scarless & FUT leaves you with a big scar.
Which is so untrue.

7. Reality of Safe & unsafe donor zone: Patient has to pay because of the limitation of the surgeon, as he has chosen an FUE only surgeon who is bound to extract grafts from unsafe donor zone, which is not going to stay long.

8. High grade baldness: It cannot be covered with just one technique like FUE or for that matter in most of the cases combination of FUT & FUE can’t cover grade 7. It is majorly the medicine, finasteride which can get you hair back even in the areas where you don’t see any apparent growth.

9. Multiple names of FUE: People are selling FUE with different names, like DHI, DHT, Big FUE, CHT, perfect transplant etc, which is just a marketing gimmick & it doesn’t help.

everyone else is flashing medicine boosted results, Satya is the place where you get access to the right information and the real story behind the result.

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