Which Method is Best for Female Hair Transplant?
Female Pattern Baldness

Which Method is Best for Female Hair Transplant?


When it comes to one’s appearance and style, the problem of hair loss can be disastrous. Baldness, another name for the hair loss condition, is mostly brought on by a hereditary component and a combination of genes. The global hair transplant market revealed that although pattern baldness affects males more frequently than women, the graph of pattern baldness in women is also growing daily. Whatever the cause, the only way to restore your permanent hair root is through a hair transplant process.

In addition to having a different grade than men, female pattern baldness also uses a distinct scale to indicate the degree of loss or status. On this three-category Ludwig categorization system, an individual can determine her position or grade. This logic also applies to female pattern baldness: the higher the grade, the more grafts would be required.

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The Hair Transplantation Treatment for Female Pattern Hair Loss in Women:

All hair transplants are acceptable to women visually, but the best method for a woman to recover her hair depends on her reflections. The majority of certified hair transplant surgeons use the FUT procedure, which produces the finest long-lasting results without requiring shaving of the head. The FUT approach differs from the other techniques or alternatives due to its several advantages.

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The reason FUT is the most effective hair restoration method for female pattern baldness:

  • It simply aims to extract from the DHT-resistant area, which provides permanent hair roots.


  • The FUT/strip technique does not need shaving the head; instead, it involves strip excision followed by a straightforward incision that only targets the back and sides of the scalp.


  • The FUT provides the optimal quantity of hair grafts or roots required to complete the procedure’s cosmetic placement. 


Many factors influence the technique used for the treatment; however, the FUT hair transplant technique has a selective limitation on technique finalization based on gender, as the FUE technique requires shaving the patient’s head to execute the surgery.

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