4000 + grafts by FUE alone Is it Reality or Bluff??
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4000 + grafts by FUE alone Is it  Reality or Bluff??

4000 + grafts by FUE alone Is it Reality or Bluff??

A lot of people these days are told 4000+ grafts sometimes even 7000 or 8000 grafts by FUE alone. This is a common practice worldwide. But if you try to understand a little bit of technical details of both the methods FUT as well as FUE, it won’t take much time for you to understand these simple facts.

For example, let us assume that a FUT strip gives us 3000 grafts. While fue technique for the same area of skin as the FUT strip would give a maximum 1/3rd no of grafts i.e 1000.

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We hereby would take the opportunity to tell you that for a good hair transplant surgeon both FUT & FUE are like his children. He would love both techniques equally. Make both of them your trusted & reliable partner in the happy journey of hair restoration.

In a high grade of baldness, or even in early grades of baldness, in case of progressive baldness, one has to make use of Both techniques. One technique alone will not solve the purpose. 

We take 1000 grafts by FUE from the area above & below the strip.

So a combination of FUT + FUE will give us 3000+ 1000= 4000 grafts.

While if we do only FUE from the same donor we get 1000+ 1000= 2000 grafts.

In Both the cases the condition of donor will be the same in terms of the remaining density in the donor area. 

So the deficit is huge & it is around 2000 grafts less than the combination of FUT & FUE. 

Even if we are combining FUT & FUE both, then also in some cases it is not possible to take out 4000 grafts from asian donors.  

 Adding or combining FUT with FUE gives the surgeon freedom to take large no of grafts from safe donor zone only.

Large no of grafts if taken only by FUE would force the surgeon:-

  • To use unsafe donor zone as well, thus jeopardising the longevity of hair transplant result. 
  • To over harvest the grafts from donor area, thus leaving behind big empty spaces & scars. 
  • In most of these patients, that many grafts are never done & they are put on 1 mg finasteride, claiming that the medicine is being given just to save the existing hair (as if it is not doing any good to the existing hair). Finasteride improves the thickness, density, coverage & the aesthetics of hairline and crown by growing a lot of finer hair throughout. The medicine justifies overpromised numbers. 
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Moreover, FUT can be repeated from the same area 2-3 times, giving access to the surgeon to larger numbers of grafts (even up to 8000 grafts) & even after that the patient will have just one single line scar because of trichophytic closure.

If we remove all the grafts present in that 3 strip area by FUE alone, the entire donor will be empty. 

fue hair transplant

It is a simple mathematical calculation that cannot be denied, but unfortunately more than 99% of clinics are doing FUE alone (selling it by different names), not because FUE is the latest or FUT is an outdated technique, but they are not trained to do FUT. 

A patient with progressive or high grade baldness Will be needing maximum number of grafts which won’t be possible by FUE alone. So the patient should not pay for the lack of competence of the surgeon.

Balanced hair transplant is the most customized and detailed approach in the hair transplant industry which meets all these needs

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