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Finding the Perfect Age: Determining the Right Time for a Hair Transplant

Am I the right candidate for hair transplant? 

Am I too young for it? 

I want my hairline which I used to have at 16 years of age?

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 Hair transplant can be done at age on the lower side 20 years plus and on the higher side can be done even at the age of 70 years or more provided the patient is healthy and medically fit and motivated enough to undergo a hair transplant.

   As far as young age is concerned A transplant can be very tricky and as you can have progression of disease and if we fix any hairline. It can be a liability for the future. So anyone with progressive hair loss pattern and unrealistic expectations where they want hairline in their teens, hair transplant shall not be attended to in such cases.

Hair transplant in old age

However, if the patient has realistic expectations, relatively stable progression of disease with good genes and positive family history regarding hair loss, a certain headline work can be done with caution even at younger age. Specially useful in patients who have congenital Broad forehead, male or female.

 I still remember a patient who came to me was 17 years of age with broad forehead he wasn’t having a very progressive disease and insisted upon a hair transplant surgery.

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Hair transplant in young age

Looking at his age I refused to do hair transplant which disappointed this boy, so he insisted for a transplant again and asked me, at what age do I need hair back 17 or 70.

Obviously my answer was 17. So again he asked then why are you denying me my right to have good hair at this age I said you are too young to get it done, then he asked me so what would be the right age that I’ll be  old enough to get a hair transplant. I told him at least 20 years.

So he said then I will come on my 20th birthday but I want you to sign a bond that I will be alive to get the surgery done and you will be alive to do the surgery at that time. This was shocking for me and I really had no answers. I had to reconsider my decision and eventually ended up proceeding for hair transplant after a thorough counseling of both patient and the parents.

So while doing hair transplant in a young patient one has to be very careful regarding the selection of method,whether to do a transplant or not , number of grafts to be invested, role of medications and obviously the hairline placement.

Balanced hair transplant is the most customized and detailed approach in the hair transplant industry which meets all these needs

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