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 A leading Hair Transplant surgeon has got a Hair Transplant done himself. There are Hair transplant surgeons who perform numerous procedures, yet only a select few selected choose to undergo this procedure themselves. Dr. Shail Gupta stands as one of those extravagant individuals who persistently believe in the transformative power of hair transplants and have personally experienced its benefits. His surgery was conducted by his exceptional team, which he has trained and cherished over more than 15 years of devoted service at Satya Hair Solutions.

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Dr. Gupta, at the age of 44, decided to treat his own hair concerns, which included frontal hair recession and temple recession on both the sides. To reform this, he opted for a hair transplant procedure, utilizing the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method.

It has now been 3 and a half years since his surgery, and the phenomenal transformation he achieved is evidence of the skill and expertise of his surgical team. Notably, Dr. Gupta has not augmented his post-transplant journey with finasteride or minoxidil, meaning that the entire outcome can be assigned to the surgical expertise of his team.

Hair transplant of a hair transplant surgeon

It’s important to highlight that the addition of finasteride and minoxidil can further strengthen the result, delivering increased thickness, density, coverage, and even the growth of some miniaturized softer hair in the hairline region, thereby amplifying the overall aesthetics. 

Moreover, Dr. Gupta’s approach to hair restoration involves a very small number of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) sessions. In the time span of 3 and a half years, he has undergone just two PRP sessions. Which i.ndicates the essence of a balanced hair transplant strategy, which upholds thoughtful resource allocation and planning. The goal is to achieve optimal results with minimal usage of  medication usage, minimal utilization of donor resources present , and maximum dependence on surgical skill, ultimately yielding more sustainable, permanent and more lasting outcomes.

However, Dr. Gupta’s outcome is already remarkably good and appears natural even without the use of any kind of medication. As a result, individuals experiencing stable hair loss should carefully contemplate the decision to introduce medications into their habit. While medications can offer auxiliary benefits, they also come with potential risks of side effects. It’s very crucial that not to include medication use simply because a clinic is recommending it, potentially driven to manipulate their ordinary work into something exceptional.

Dr. Gupta’s personal journey serves as a powerful example of a well-planned and carefully designed hair transplant. It emphasizes the importance of thoughtful decision-making, reasonable use of resources, and the role of surgical skill in achieving remarkable, natural-looking results.

However, his perspective shifted when he encountered the content provided by Satya Hair Solutions. He was surprised by the unconventional  approach we provided to him. At Satya, we recommended a balanced strategy, where he underwent an FUT procedure which involved 1,800 grafts and utilized a weekly finasteride dose of 1.75 mg (as opposed to 7 mg per week). This approach resulted in magnificent coverage, density, and natural-looking results.

Other clinics will show  these results with 1mg finasteride daily and 5000 Grafts

Diffuse pattern alopecia(1800 FUT)

This particular patient presented with diffuse hair loss, primarily affecting the middle and crown regions, while the hairline remained slightly thinned but generally intact. The common consensus among clinics advised him to pursue a hair transplant procedure involving 4,000 to 6,000 grafts, alongside a daily 1 mg dose of finasteride. These recommendations left him bewildered, as the uniformity of advice instilled a sense of obligation to follow this course of action.

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In this case, the patient assigned the progress in several ways. He maintained valuable donor resources, minimized his expenses on treatment , and preserved his overall health, all while accomplishing a more sustainable outcome with very less investment. This demonstrates the power of a balanced hair transplant, which not only spares you from gratuitous complications but also tailors a treatment plan enhanced for your specific needs and long-term objectives.

Balanced hair transplant is the most customized and detailed approach in the hair transplant industry which meets all these needs

balanced hair transplant

The central conclusion to this is to avoid being swayed by flamboyant results and prioritize making informed decisions that align with your individual circumstances and goals.

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