Avoid Beard Graft Extraction from Face for Repair Hair Transplant
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Avoid Beard Graft Extraction from Face for Repair Hair Transplant

Avoid Beard Graft Extraction from face For Repair Hair Transplant

Beard donor is known as a second alternative donor zone and can be used in hair transplant procedures,  for those individuals who have very limited donor left on scalp areas or have undergone repeated hair transplant surgeries. Patients with limited donor availability on the scalp can utilize grafts from the beard area  to fill in empty spaces.

In Repair hair transplantation or natural hair transplantation where the donor is poor, grafts are typically extracted from the shadow area of the beard donor. However, it is important to note that in some cases where people attempt to extract grafts even from the face area, which should not be done.

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It is crucial to understand that FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is not a completely scarless procedure and can leave permanent scars for life. Most clinics claim that taking 50% or fewer grafts from the beard will lead to as such no scarring that is completely misleading and can confuse patients to undergo for the procedure which is not ideal for him . Even extracting very few grafts from the beard can leave behind some scars, and practically it is not possible to maintain a long beard throughout a life to camouflage those scars.

fue hair transplant

 Second option to utilize the remaining donor area or the poor donor area is through another technique of hair restoration that is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) , which can provide access to a maximum of grafts. FUT surgery can be performed two to three times, depending on the elasticity of the scalp . This technique allows for the extraction of a large number of grafts, making it suitable for bigger areas.

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Unfortunately, it is true that there are mostly clinics worldwide which are not trained in performing FUT surgery,when it comes to worldwide data it is somewhere 99%  clinics . Though Some clinics may falsely claim that FUT is an odd and outdated procedure.

 available from actual donor resources.

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However, it is important to have a well-trained and skillful surgeon who is experienced enough in both FUE and FUT techniques. This ensures that the patient is not compelled to undergo highly unethical  procedures and receives relevant treatment based on individual needs and

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