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An honest consultation can save your time, money & health. We get a lot of queries about hair transplant, where patients are actually rushing for a hair transplant with a specific number of grafts in their mind and a particular technique without knowing the pros and cons and absolutely unaware of the role of medication in hair transplantation.
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     These patients have usually enquired at multiple clinics with questionable levels of ethics, experience, expertise and transparency.

  Usually when you inquire from any clinic, they tell you 3 things which are common with little twist.

  1. You need 4000 grafts (anyone with grade 4 onwards, number may vary, but this will be told without even considering the donor whether that many grafts can even be taken out.)
  2. We will do FUE (though they might sell you it with different fancy names, telling you that this is some kind of invention which they did.)
  3. 1mg Finasteride per day (though they may tell you that you need it for 6 months or any year or may even be life long as if it is some kind of joke.)   

One consultation saved Greece man from 12 Lakh rupees + Health

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 Satya is not like any other clinic where everything is prefixed & the same treatment plan is given to every patient, irrespective of his age, donor, hair condition, response to medicines

 In such cases the consultation has no meaning because they will tell the same answer to everyone. 

hair transplant in delhi
YOU HAVE TO BE EVALUATED BY A TEAM OF DOCTORS WHICH REALLY CARES FOR YOU, WHO ARE EXPERIENCED, SKILLED, COMMITTED & HONEST to take this journey ahead.  We will just give you an example of how a good and honest consultation saved this patient’s hard earned money, donor, and health.  This patient had undergone a hair transplant in Turkey, from which he wasn’t very satisfied. He kept losing hair from the crown area and the hairline wasn’t satisfactory, as it was predictable and unnatural with gaps. 

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  He was literally forced to take 1MG finasteride daily after his hair transplant at the Turkey clinic, which he refused to take. He wanted to fill the crown and get the hairline corrected. 

   During his search to find the correct clinic he came in contact with some ……………… hair transplant mentor, who suggested to him a particular clinic in India for repair. This clinic suggested to the patient a particular treatment regimen. 

   While consuming the content of that clinic, a patient came across Satya’s YouTube videos, through which he got connected with us. 

   The treatment plan was given to the patient after consultation with Dr Shaiil Gupta. 

hair transplant in gurgaon

The cost you pay for consultation is not for just 2 minutes. It is for 25 years of medical experience & ethical practice sharing the honest opinion.  

Those who value & understand this, are welcome to continue the journey with us. We are not forcing anyone to come to us.

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Balanced hair transplant is the most customized and detailed approach in the hair transplant industry which meets all these needs
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