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SATYA / TRUTH of Finasteride

  SATYA/TRUTH of Finasteride

SATYA / TRUTH of Finasteride

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Satya’s journey with finasteride: 

At Satya Hair Solutions , we have truly illuminated the path to excellence in hair transplants, and our journey is nothing short of a captivating narrative filled with drama, emotion, and suspense. This incredible journey began approximately two decades ago when both Satya and the field of hair transplants were in their nascent stages.  That was the time when hair transplant had just started. During this era, hair transplants were still in their infancy, lacking standardized protocols for delivering truly effective results. Additionally, the instruments used at the time were rudimentary, leading to subpar outcomes and limited hair growth.
0 Graft grown from Hair transplant this is the result of Finasteride only

I still remember I did a case at that time which was grade 7 and surprisingly grew hair. The more surprising fact was patients done before that, and after that did not get any hair growth. We accepted the result with open arms and thought that we had done a wonderful job and the patient also had the same opinion. Not only that, he referred many of his friends and most of these people came to us after seeing his miraculous results. Unfortunately, the results didn’t come even in those cases. After 1 & 1/2 years the result of this patient also faded out and was completely gone. 

             We could not understand why it happened? But later on I came to know that the patient had himself started taking 1mg finasteride/ day, around the same time when he got the hair transplant done. This led to beautiful transformation and even in grade 7 we got to see very decent coverage, right from the frontal hairline to the crown, which was unbelievable as the popular belief was medicine is just given to sustain existing hair and cannot regrow hair in those areas where it is completely gone. He stopped taking the medicine after 13 months of a transplant and the result was gone completely in 18 months time. 

We were not prescribing,  to our patients of hair transplant because of potential risks involved and obviously issues of dependence and tolerance as knowing it, most of the people also refuse to take. There was no concept of micro dosing at that point of time, which could have been a saviour in terms of minimizing the side-effects and still getting some benefits. So the journey went on over a period of time like many others, our hair transplants improved and started showing results. The results were still ordinary, but were amongst the best ones in the industry at that point of time. 

       Let’s talk of another incidents which happened around 12 years back. This is the case of a doctor himself who had frontal baldness and came to us for a hair transplant. 

We did 1200 FUE grafts for him which was definitely much lesser than his needs. But to our utter surprise he got a very dense coverage which was not possible by hair transplant alone and those numbers. Later on I came to know that he had himself started taking 1mg finasteride daily as he was a doctor himself. 

The journey went on. We kept on improving our results and the technique. Still we were not using finasteride which had become a common norm in hair transplant industry by then. But probably at that time the results which people were achieving were not of that calibre that they could be flaunted has very beautiful hair transplant results in spite of a big contribution coming from the medicine.

 Now I am giving you example of this patient which happened around 10 years back. We did 2500 grafts for him, and he had baldness affecting the frontal portion with receded hairline, thinning in the middle portion and emptiness in the crown. 

Despite these discoveries, we were hesitant to prescribe finasteride to our hair transplant patients due to potential risks and the well-known issues of dependence and tolerance. Moreover, microdosing was not yet a concept in our practice, which could have minimized side effects while still providing benefits.

Over time, we improved our hair transplants and began to achieve more ordinary yet better results, which were among the best in the industry at the time. Nevertheless, the industry continued to evolve, and results became even more remarkable due to the overuse and misinterpretation of finasteride by many. The market became saturated with clinics across the globe flaunting seemingly miraculous results in Grade 7 baldness using the FUE technique alone, even when conducted by non-medical professionals.

Our Results at a Glance

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The result which we achieved was extraordinarily, dense and covered the entire scalp completely. It seemed as if no transplant has been done, and the result was astonishing. We could not pass the comb through his hair. Again, in this patient, he was prescribed finasteride by some doctor before coming to us at 1 mg/ day but he was irregular and probably taking it at those age of around 3-4 mg/week.

Years passed bye and we kept on improving our skill with relentless, hard work and commitment. Still we were not into the finasteride business. We were kind of shocked to see some of the results which were being flaunted on Internet covering grade 7 baldness by FUE technique alone by clinics, which were not even doctors. These were run by illiterate technicians and still showing very dense coverage of grade 7. Very soon the market was flooded with similar results coming from clinics across the globe.

 As a surgeon, the biggest challenge here was that I could not understand the mathematics of the equation where I was getting access to bigger numbers by combining FUT and FUE with a better skill set and the other clinics and having been on disadvantage of just doing FUE, so getting lesser numbers with poor skill set which was visible in immediate post of pictures where the grafts were placed at huge gaps, but still getting beautiful density and impeccable hair lines. It was then, when I realised and broke the code, “the finasteride code”, which was already being misused by so many. 

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   Balanced hair transplant is the most customized and detailed approach in the hair transplant industry which meets all these needs

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