Hair transplant results comparison
hair transplant

Hair transplant results comparison

Hair transplant results comparison

There are common mistakes which people do while comparing Hair Transplant results, Which can spoil their Hair Restoration Journey. When differentiating between hair transplant results, it is important to consider more than just the grade of baldness and the number of grafts. There are several important factors that are often neglected or not disclosed. The purpose of focusing on these facts is to provide you with a deeper understanding of hair transplant procedures and care involved in that:

FUT VS FUE hair transplant
  • TECHNIQUE USED – when Comparing the same number of grafts in FUE and FUT, FUE tends to provide more higher density. Reason behind FUE allows the extraction of more multi-grafts, which is not possible with FUT.
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Furthermore, FUE grafts are thinner and have less fat tissue, making it more feasible to place them closer together. So, for example 2000 grafts in FUE may contain approximately 4500+ hair follicles, while exactly the same number of grafts in case of FUT may only contain 3000 hair follicles.

However, this calculation is interchanged if a second FUE is performed from the same donor area.

  • MEDICATION USED – It is extremely important to pay attention to the post-transplant medication . Most clinics prescribe finasteride full dose and minoxidil lotion to all their hair transplant patients.  These medications may improve the existing miniaturized hair, which is usually not visible to the naked eye.These medications give a more denser hair transplant result whereas all the credit may be attributed to the hair transplant surgeon. It is important to be aware of this phenomenon. While post-op medications are important, they can have possible side effects and development of tolerance. One-size-fits-all policies may not work for every patient in the long term.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS – When looking at results of transplant pay attention to the photography techniques used, including lighting and other minute tricks that may be employed.For example, in most cases presented to you, the pre-transplant pictures often show the head shaved off results. This can create a false impression of fullness in the result.
fue hair transplant

Courtesy: maral hair clinic

  • THICKNESS OF DONOR – thickness of donor hair is another important criteria . Hair transplant results are often showcased using cases with thick donor hair. However, not every patient has the same donor and hair quality. It is important to see cases with even thin donor hair to have a           realistic understanding of potential outcomes.
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These points only scratch the surface, as there are many more details that you should be aware of. In our gallery, you will find detailed summaries of cases to help you pay attention to the finer details behind the work. It is important to consolidate all this information and have a comprehensive understanding before making decisions about hair transplant procedures.

pay only for surgery skills and not photography skills

Balanced hair transplant is the most customized and detailed approach in the hair transplant industry which meets all these needs

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